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 August 26, 2005: "Feds demand more AIMS test data. The Associated Press...PHOENIX - Federal officials are asking Arizona to get tougher on schools when determining which ones are considered failing. For the first time, they want Arizona to include AIMS test scores from students just learning English when the state calculates which schools meet federal standards and which fail."...

Jan. 13, 2005 The Associated Press. Plan to make English Arizona's official language irks Hispanic...PHOENIX -  The House measure (HCR 2030) would allow voters to require that most government business be conducted in English


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Colorado's Amendment 31 - English Language Education

Proficiency tests are not always a good idea. Taipei Times. December 27, 2002

Bilingual ed on agenda.  Rocky Mountain News. December 26, 2002

Educación bilingüe en California. La Opinión. 25 de diciembre de 2002

LENGUA Y DEMOGRAFIA: Nuestros vecinos del norte.  La Opinión. 24 de diciembre de 2002

English immersion program set at DPS. The Denver Post. December 20, 2002

Impulsarán educación bilingüe en California. La Opinión.  21 de diciembre de 2002

Ottawa antes $1.7B for school claims. The Canadian Press. December 20, 2002

MALDEF demanda a Oficina de Registro Civil. La Opinión. 13 de diciembre de 2002

Chasing math's magic number: 220. The Boston Globe. December 12, 2002

More uncredentialed teachers' students fail. San Francisco Chronicle. December 11, 2002.

Ballot measures received last-minute boost of cash.  Rocky Mountain News. December 10, 2002

Vote set on immersion waiver. The Boston Globe.12/9/2002

Banishing bilingualism education policy in California. The Nation. December 9, 2002

Ballot measure reports. Rocky Mountain News. December 6, 2002

Immigrant Education Levels Rise. The Washington Post. December 4, 2002

States Scramble to Rewrite Language-Proficiency Exams. Education Week, December 4, 2002

Keep the US English speaking. The Christian Science Monitor. December 03, 2002

Bilingual Education Is A Human and Civil Right. Rethinking Schools Volume 17 No. 2 Winter 2002/2003

La educación bilingüe es un derecho civil y humano. Rethinking Schools Volume 17 No. 2 Winter 2002/2003

Educating Latinos: An NPR Special Report A Five-Part Series on a Crisis in Education. NPR, Dec. 2, 2002

School plan seeks 2nd language for all.  Sacramento Bee.  December 1, 2002

Students bypass original language. The Cincinnati Enquirer.  November 30, 2002

Report slams bilingual ed. New York Daily News. November 29th, 2002

New Rules for Schools Criticized. Los Angeles Times. November 28, 2002

UNDERPERFORMING' SCHOOLS. Arizona Daily Star. November 28, 2002

Paige Urges New Focus on International Education. Education Week, November 27, 2002

Bilingual promise The Boston Globe.  November 24, 2002

Supremicist rally Ok'd Effort to oust Lewiston Somalis. Kennebec Journal-Morning Sentinel. November 23, 2002

Mastering English for economic reasons. The Boston Globe. November 23, 2002

A lot to learn about bilingual ed.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. November 22, 2002

Bilingual learning fails its students. he Atlanta Journal-Constitution. November 22, 2002

Bush Administration, GOP Slammed Over Bilingual Education.  CNSNews.com   November 22, 2002

Canada caps abuse claims against. The New York Times. November 20, 2002

Reporter's Notebook. Education Week. November 20, 2002

Amendment 31, part deux. The Denver Post. November 20, 2002

Minorities' Views on Success in School Are Cited.  The New York Times. November 19, 2002.

Virginia Official's Memo Saying Public Colleges Should Not Admit Illegal Immigrants Draws Angry Reaction
The Chronicle of Higher Education. November 19, 2002

Upgrading English Aquisition. The Denver Post. November 18, 2002

Immersion vote reflects support by immigrants. The Boston Globe, 11/17/2002

Salmon lost the race by taking a hard right turn. THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR. Nov. 17, 2002

EDUCACION BILINGÜE: Los padres hispanos y la derrota de Unz. La Opinión. 17 de noviembre de 2000

Bilingual ed moving toward extinction.  Indianapolis Star.  November 16, 2002

Bilingual-ed issue turns on money. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 16, 2002

O'odham educator Rosilda Manuel dies. Arizona Daily Star.  November 15, 2002

Grant funds bilingual overhaul.   Denver Post. November 14, 2002

Editorial: Don't override the election results.  Rocky Mountain News.  November 13, 2002

On Point: Who voted, where. Rocky Mountain News. November 11, 2002

Colorado y Massachusetts. La Opinión, November 10, 2002

English-immersion bill floated. Rocky Mountain News.  November 9, 2002

Democratic, GOP split apt to enliven some political issues.  Arizona Daily Star.  November 9, 2002

Not all election wins came at a high price.   Rocky Mountain News.  November 9, 2002

Rosen: Amendment 31: Round 2 Rocky Mountain News.  November 8, 2002

In the end, winning was all.  Denver Post. November 7, 2002

Latino voters said no to 31. Rocky Mountain News, November 7, 2002

2 states, 1 issue, unexpectedly different outcomes Rocky Mountain News, November 7, 2002

Bilingual-ed backers found ally in parents.  Denver Post. November 7, 2002

Latino voters said no to 31 Rocky Mountain News. November 7, 2002

Officials weigh changes to English immersion. Boston Globe. November  7, 2002

Colorado hands English immersion backer his first loss.  Rocky Mountain News.  November 6, 2002

Victory for bilingual ed. Rocky Mountain News.  November 6, 2002

Massachusetts dumps dual-language classes.  Associated Press. November 6, 2002

Bilingual debate divides precinct.  Denver Post. November 06, 2002

Bilingual debate divides precinct.  The Denver Post.  November 06, 2002

Bilingual ban fails.  Denver Post Education.  November 06, 2002

Millionaires' initiatives fall with a thud. Rocky Mountain News. November 6, 2002

Coloradans decide future of bilingual education.  Rocky Mountains News.  November 5, 2002

Mass. voters approve bilingual education question.  Rocky Mountains News.  November 5, 2002

Bilingual education issue on the ballots  The Associated Press. November 4, 2002

Summary of the News' picks.  Rocky Mountains News.  November 3, 2002

Anti-bilingual ed measure losing, but support growing. The Denver Post. November 03, 2002

Amend. 31 backer tries to pull erroneous ad. The Denver Post. November 03, 2002

Understanding question 2.  The Standard-Times, November 3, 2002

Removing the 'us' and 'them'.  The Arizona Republic.  Nov. 2, 2002

What virtue is schools candidate trying to teach? The Arizona Republic.  Nov. 2, 2002

Horne not likely to benefit Latinos.  The Arizona Republic.  Nov. 2, 2002

Big names, big cash. Rocky Mountains News.  November 2, 2002

Using students to Horne into office. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 1, 2002

Follow the evidence on English immersion. The Boston Globe. November 1, 2002

District faces complaint Paradise Valley accused of bias in use of EnglishThe Arizona Republic. Nov. 1, 2002

Educators call proposal costly.  Rocky Mountain News. November 1, 2002

Bilingual-ed backers admit ad's mistake. The Denver Post.  November 01, 2002

Bilingual debate has racial element. The Denver Post.  November 1, 2002

Commitment to school choice shouldn't waver.  The Denver Post, November 1, 2002

Fear, hate can't stop English-only cause.  Denver Post, November1, 2002

Boards warn of bilingual costs.  The Associated Press, October 31, 2002

Bilingual education ballot question panned at Brockton rally.  The Enterprise. October31, 2002

Bilingual: Immersion in English opposed. The Union-News. October 31, 2002

Question 2 opponents rally for bilingual ed.  The Standard-Times. October 31, 2002

Study Finds Wide Issue Differences Between Hispanics and Non.  HispanicBusiness.com October 31, 2002

Town Hall targets Latino issues. The Arizona Republic. October 31, 2002

Latinos pay price when schools flunk.  The Arizona Republic. October 31, 2002

Dozens of dialects, English the goal The Boston Globe. October 31, 2002

Negative ads irritate some.  The Denver Post. October 31, 2002

Kids back bilingual ed.  Rocky Mountain News. October31, 2002

Future of Bilingual Education in Hands of Voters.   The Associated Press. October 30, 2002

Debate Passionate Over Bilingual Education. The Boston Channel. October 30, 2002

No on Question 2.  Daily Hampshire Gazette. Oct. 30, 2002

Bilingual education debated.  Daily Hampshire Gazette. Oct. 30, 2002

UMass unions oppose question.  Daily Hampshire Gazette. Oct. 30, 2002

Horne worries some parents.  The Arizona Republic. Oct. 30, 2002

Hispanic influence close to home.  The Arizona Republic. Oct. 30, 2002

Briefs:Lamm relieves guilt by touting amendment.   Rocky Mountain News. October 30, 2002

When defining becomes confining. Denver Post. October 30, 2002

Domestic issues are overlooked. Denver Post. October 30, 2002

Campos: Her own worst nightmare. Rocky Mountain News. October 29, 2002

Opponents of ballot initiatives hit ground running. Rocky Mountain News. October 29, 2002

Amend. 31 rivals joust over ads. Denver Post. October 29, 2002

State schools see '31' as a poor fit. Denver Post. October 29, 2002

A retreat from foreign languages? Christian Science Monitor. October 29, 2002

To avoid a failed system, vote no.  Boston Globe10/28/2002

A yes vote will benefit kids.  Boston Globe10/28/2002

Teachers urge voters to keep bilingual ed.  The Standard-Times. October 28, 2002

No on Question 2 English immersion.  BOSTON GLOBE.  October 28, 2002

Bilingual education works.  USA TODAY. October 28, 2002

Verdict still out on programs.  USA Today Editorial, October 28, 2002

One size doesn't fit all kids  Denver Post. October 27, 2002

Lamm: radio ad urges end to bilingual classes. Denver Post. October 27, 2002

Latino issues in spotlight at 81st Arizona Town Hall. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 27, 2002

After the bilingual-education ballot initiative.  Boston Globe.  10/27/2002

Let's drain the swamp: `Yes' on Question 2    The Boston Herald. October 27, 2002

California bilingual reform has pros, cons. Boston Globe. 10/27/2002

Bilingual issue opposed in Amherst.  Daily Hampshire Gazette.  October 26, 2002

Rocky Mountain News/News4 Poll results Rocky Mountain News. October 26, 2002

Kids at 25 schools can transfer to better ones.  ARIZONA DAILY STAR, October 26, 2002

Some native English speakers seek bilingual ed. Boston Globe. 10/26/2002

LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR DEBATE. Boston Globe. 10/26/2002

Bilingual ed backers criticize Romney Boston Globe. 10/26/2002

Americans play the fool when we fear languages.   Denver Post. October 25, 2002

Speakout: Bilingual ed hasn't kept its promise Rocky Mountain News, October 25, 2002

Bilingual' education only slows learning.   Denver Post. October 25, 2002

Debate: Candidates state issues  Union-News Staff writer 10/25/2002

Bilingual graduate rate near equal of Calif. program  Boston Herald. 10/25/02

Question targets bilingual education.  Daily Hampshire Gazette. Oct. 24, 2002

Amendment 31 is losing support.  Rocky Mountain News, October 24, 2002

Sides debate cost of switch to English-immersion plan Boston Globe. 10/24/02

Elementary school reporters get the scoop.  Union-News. 10/24/02

School officials defend need for bilingual education. Boston Globe. 10/24/2002

DEAR ABBY. Arizona Daily Star, October 24,  2002

Blanchard for schools.  Arizona Daily Star.  October 24, 2002

Turnaround in poll dramatic Denver Post Capitol Bureau. October 24, 2002

Meeting to preserve the Lakota language.  Indian Country Today. October 23, 2002

Maligned millionaire Unz stands firm in conviction.  Boston Herald. October 23, 2002

LAUSD seeks more ways to teach English.  The Los Angeles Daily News. October 23, 2002

Voter Mandates and Bilingual Education.  The New York Times. October 23, 2002

Businesses, out-of-state donors bankrolling ballot questions.  Boston daily news-Associated Press 10/23/2002

PV district has no quick fix for its 2 low-rated schools.  The Arizona Republic, Oct. 23, 2002

Education pivotal in Florida election.   Boston Globe. 10/23/2002

Debate heats up over the fate of bilingual classes.  Boston Globe . 10/23/2002

English learning law proceeds despite pending referendum vote.   Union-News. 10/23/2002.

Campaign against 31 based on distortions.  Denver Post. October 23, 2002

Germany: Schools that divide.  The Christian Science Monitor, October 22, 2002 

TV debate, forums focus on bilingual education.  Boston Globe . 10/22/2002

Often maligned, Tancredo has no plans to back down.  Denver Post. October 22, 2002

The lies told about Amendment 31.  Rocky Mountain News. October 22, 2002

Legislator: Immersion failed. Rocky Mountain News, October 22, 2002

Test scores and Amendment 31. Vail Daily, October 21, 2002

A small town takes notice. Rocky Mountain News, October 21, 2002

Coalition criticizes Amendment 31. Rocky Mountain News, October 21, 2002

New dean to shake up Ariz. education. EAST VALLEY TRIBUNE. OCTOBER 21, 2002

A key city's voters find little to love. Boston Globe. October 21, 2002

Nation's schools increasingly divided by race, report says. Tucson Citizen, Oct. 21, 2002 

‘I couldn’t take tests and... Glenwood Springs Post-Independent October 20, 2002

Language of politics off limits.  Glenwood Springs Post-Independent October 20, 2002

War of words: Bilingual battle grips schools Measure’s implications ‘enormous’. Glenwood Springs Post-Independent October 20, 2002

Lost in translation. The Enterprise. October 20,2002

The downfall of Amendment 31  Rocky Mountain News. October 20, 2002

Pittsburg schools pursue language reforms.  CONTRA COSTA TIMES. Oct. 20, 2002

Students soak up lessons in school's bilingual classes. CONTRA COSTA TIMES. Oct. 20, 2002

Saying 'si' to immersion: Youths in all-Spanish unit thrive. Boston Globe. 10/20/2002.

Effort to purify language has Romania tongue-tied. Arizona Republic. Oct. 19, 2002

Urban schools not measuring up. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 19, 2002

To keep Latinos, schools get personal  The Denver Post  October 18, 2002

Molera lost vote but ends up winner. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 18, 2002

Latino leaders hope bilingual ed referendum spurs voter drive. Sentinel and Enterprise. October 17, 2002

Douglas board opposes Amendment 31. The Denver Post  October 17, 2002

Resolution on bilingual education passed. The Taunton Gazette. October 17, 2002

Bilingual ed: choice or coercion?  The Christian Science Monitor. October 17, 2002

School Choice on Bilingual Ed.  The Christian Science Monitor. October 17, 2002

6 seek 3 trustee spots for Oxnard district. Ventura County Star October 17, 2002

School bilingual ban loses support. Denver Post. 10/16/02.

Bilingual-ed foes raise cash. Rocky Mountain News. October 16, 2002

"...Strangely silent".  Rocky Mountain News. October 15, 2002.

"...Religious groups oppose 31".  Denver Post. 10/15/02.

Immersed in debate. Boston Globe. 10/15/2002.

Menino vows to fight Question 2 on ballot.  Boston Globe. 10/15/2002

..maybe it's a good idea to worry. Boston Globe. 10/15/2002.

Group pummels Amendment 31. Rocky Mountain News. October 14, 2002.

Speakout: Javier's English coming along just fine.  Rocky Mountain News. October 14, 2002.

Les Shaver.  Rocky Mountain News. October 14, 2002.

Opponents poised for battle English-only initiative gets sides fired up. Daily Coloradoan. October 14, 2002

Colo. Ponders a ban on bilingual education. Boston Globe. 10/14/2002.

New labels' impact will be far-reaching. Arizona Daily Star. October 14, 2002.

Go ahead, target Hispanics.  Arizona Daily Star,   October 14, 2002.

Students consider the issues, intend to be heard in Nov.  Boston Globe. 10/13/2001.

Stiff competition revamps search for school chief. Boston Globe. 10/13/2001

Romney courts teachers union. Boston Globe. 10/13/2001

School credits teaching in English for success. Union-News. 10/13/2002.

Bilingual: Issue keys debate. Union-News. 10/13/2002.

Bilingual deception. Denver Post. 10/13/02.

Nativo Lopez's divisive politics.  Orange County Register Column. Oct. 13, 2002

Hamp committee against question 2. Union-News. 10/12/2002.

Who wouldn't want to' learn English? Rocky Mountain News. October 12, 2002.

Bilingual education measure losing favor. Rocky Mountain News. October 12, 2002.

Stanford says ballot initiative is poison. Rocky Mountain News. October 12, 2002.

$3 million donation makes big difference. Rocky Mountain News. October 12, 2002.

31 has worthy foe: mom in a minivan. Rocky Mountain News. October 12, 2002.

Horne's eyes set on final hurdle. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 11, 2002.

Bilingual Balderdash. Wall Street Journal. October 11, 2002.

Crece deserción escolar de hispanos en secundaria. (Dropout rate for Hispanics up since 1990)  Associated Press, La Opinión. October 11, 2002.

Hispanic dropout rate top priority, 2 candidates say. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 11, 2002

ESL preferred choice. Rocky Mountain News. October 11, 2002.

Colorado's English-language learners. Rocky Mountain News. October 11, 2002.

Amendment 31 Opposition grows.  Boulder Weekly by Michael A. Rivlin

Northwest Denver school a target of ballot initiative. Rocky Mountain News. October 10, 2002.

DPS in eye of '31' storm. Rocky Mountain News. October 10, 2002.

About Arizona's bilingual law.  Rocky Mountain News. October 9, 2002.

A struggle in Arizona. Rocky Mountain News. October 9, 2002.

Bilingual Education on Ballot in Two States.  New York Times. October 9, 2002

Supporters defend bilingual schooling. Union-News. 10/09/2002.

Special ed, bilingual units draw state criticism. Union-News. 10/09/2002.

Does Proposition 227 work? After analysis, debate still rages. Rocky Mountain News. October 8, 2002

Four years, no answers. Denver Rocky Mountain News. October 8, 2002

Horne's eyes set on final hurdle. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 8, 2002

Repeal of bilingual education lawful, U.S. appeals court says.  San Francisco Chronicle. October 8, 2002

English teaching law stands. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. October 8, 2002.

Court Ruling Keeps Ban on Bilingual Education. Los Angeles Times. October 8, 2002

Spending, MCAS among education challenges for next governor. The Boston Globe. 10/8/2002

Tribunal rechaza demanda contra Proposición 227. La Opinión, Martes, 08 de octubre de 2002.

The bilingual battle. Denver Rocky Mountain News. October 7, 2002

The Evidence Speaks Well of Bilingualism's Effect on Kids. Los Angeles Times. October  7, 2002.


Amendment 31 would take away choice. Fort Collins Coloradoan. October 7, 2002.

Apology highlights life as a minority in U.S.  ARIZONA DAILY STAR. October 7, 2002.

Amendment 31: good goal, bad means. The Denver Post. October 6, 2002

No on 31: It's a poison pill.  The Denver Post. October 6, 2002

Who: Kerry Healy, Where: Imperial Seafood, Chinatown, What: Reaching out to Asian-Americans. The Boston Globe. 10/6/2002.

Bilingual ed forces waging uphill fight. The Boston Globe. 10/6/2002.

Language police on warpath again.  The Arizona Republic. Oct. 5, 2002.

Senators attack anti-bilingual education initiative. Boston Herald. October 5, 2002.

Immersion best way to learn English. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. October 5, 2002.

Money talks on Amend. 31. Denver Post. October 4, 2002

Law limits teaching of native languages. The Arizona Republic. October 3,  2002.

Horne's views balance out primary miscues. The Arizona Republic. October 3, 2002.

English 101.  The Boston Globe.  10/3/2002.

Littwin: Constitution wrong place for educational policy.  Rocky Mountain News. October 3, 2002.

Analysis: TV commercial criticizing Amendment 31. Rocky Mountain News. October 3, 2002.

AdWatch: What you speak may determine where you stand. Rocky Mountain News. October 3, 2002.

Urquides to hall of fame - at last.  ARIZONA DAILY STAR. October 3, 2002.

Owens decries bilingual plan.  Rocky Mountain News. October 2, 2002.

Fewer S. Ariz. students drop out. Tucson Citizen. Oct. 2, 2002.


Group fighting for bilingual ed begins TV blitz. Rocky Mountain News. October 1, 2002.


Navajo lawsuit targets English-only work rule.  The Arizona Republic. Oct. 1, 2002.

Bilingual education backers celebrate donation. Special to The Denver Post.  September 30, 2002.

Editorial: Bilingual amendment too flawed to pass. Rocky Mountain News. September 30, 2002.

GOP not supporting English measures. THE WASHINGTON TIMES. September 30, 2002.

Regulations trip up language program Assistants required to have schooling.  The Arizona Republic. Arizona Daily Star. Sept. 30, 2002.

Bilingual backers get $3 million gift  Donor's funds target Amendment 31. Denver Post. 9/29/02

Who: Chris Gabrieli, Where: Moakley Federal Courthouse, The topic: The Hispanic community. The Boston Globe. September 29. 2002.

Swift takes a beating even out of the race. The Boston Globe. September 29, 2002.

I walked a mile, and more, in my students' shoes. The Boston Globe. September 29, 2002.

Latino nominee raises questions. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 28, 2002.

Heiress gives $3 million to fight Amendment 31.  Rocky Mountain News. September 28, 2002.

Smith rips bilingual plan.  MetroWest Daily News. September 27, 2002.

Speak loudly, Latinos, and make education your issue. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 27, 2002.

Students, key educator share ideas. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 26, 2002.

Bilingual foes fault donation. The Boston Globe. September 26, 2002.

PV schools ignoring parents, group says. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 26, 2002.

Teens need languages; comprende? The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 9/25/02

Immersing kids in English. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 25, 2002.

Realizan conferencia educativa. La Voz. 25 de septiembre del 2002.

Bilingual ed splits rivals for governor. The Boston Globe. September 25, 2002.

200 schools will receive subpar label. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 24, 2002

Latinos see major gains in Bay State primaries. Boston Globe.  9/22/2002

 Babble on, you English-only guys. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 21, 2002.

Dual-language program change angers parents  The Arizona Republic. Sept. 20, 2002.

http://www.lulac.org/Issues/Platform.html  League of United Latin American Citizens. The 2002-2003 LULAC Legislative Platform. LULAC strongly opposes all legislation that designates English as the official language of the United States...


Language an issue at school meeting. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 07, 2002


Decepciona Molera a hispanos. Prensa Hispana. 4 al 10 de Septiembre del 2002



Dual-language changes under fire. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 06, 2002


Teachers of Yaqui language replaced.  Arizona Daily Star. September 3,  2002



Bilingual Ed. Denver Post. September 3, 2002



'Melting pot' theory still just a guise for prejudice. Tucson Citizen. Sept. 3, 2002



If the Horne-blowing has deafened you...GOP stalwarts throw support to Molera. Arizona Republic. 9/3/02


Bilingual ed, AIMS are big issues. Arizona Daily Star. September 2, 2002.



Horne raises AIMS, bilingual ed issues in commercial. Arizona Daily Star. September 2, 2002.


EN LA CRESTA DE LA LENGUA: No hablen español. LA OPINIÓN. 9/1/02



Test scores a cause for celebration. Mercury News. 08/31/2002



HESTER MAKES STELLAR GAINS. Mercury News. Aug. 31, 2002


Molera is 'waivering'. Arizona Republic. Aug. 30, 2002



Más irregularidades en distrito escolar. La Voz. 28 de agosto del 2002



“Confusión” sobre el uso del español. La Voz. 28 de agosto del 2002



District's dual-language program is up in the air. The Arizona Republic.  Aug. 28, 2002



District's dual-language program is up in the air. The Arizona Republic.  Aug. 28, 2002



TUSD, group discuss desegregation. Tucson Citizen.  Aug. 28, 2002



Immigrants' first stop: the line for English classes. The Christian Science Monitor August 27, 2002



Da reversa Distrito Isaac sobre uso del español. Prensa Hispana



Rechaza Tom Horne acusaciones. Prensa Hispana


Playing en español: Educators disagree on English-only outside class. Aug. 26, 2002



Molera enforcing bilingual ban Tom Horne's charges are false. Aug. 26, 2002



Adios to Spanish got lost in the translation. Aug. 26, 2002



Palomino drops its bilingual program. Aug. 26, 2002






Radio Unica to do forum in Spanish.  8/24/02



Learn the language.  Aug. 24, 2002



Insulting the language. Aug. 24, 2002



Language the Key to a Bright Future-Story Posted: 03-05-2002 at 5:21 PM MST

Rechazan que 203 prohiba el español. Prensa Hispana.


Six tell how they would make Az schools better. Tucson Citizen. Aug. 23, 2002 


Isaac board backs use of Spanish. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 23, 2002


Polémica sobre el uso del español. La Voz. Miércoles 21 de agosto del 2002


Cáscaras de viento English Only, por favor. Prensa Hispana. Edición del 21 al 27 de Agosto de 2002


Prohíben hablar español en escuela. Prensa HIspana. Edición del 21 al 27 de Agosto de 2002


Molera for schools chief. Arizona Daily Star. 8/23/02


Banning Spanish only closes doors. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 22, 2002


More Clinton Holdovers Speaking the wrong language at HHS. 8/21/02

Bilingual politics and Superintendent Molera. Arizona Daily Star Opinion--8/21/02


SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION QUESTION ON BILINGUAL EDUCATION. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 20, 2002  http://www.arizonarepublic.com/special11/articles/0820schoolquiz0816-ON.html

Bilingual Education in the News_files\molera_backs_district_on_its_spa.htm

Molera backs district on its Spanish ban. The Arizona Republic. -8/20/20



4 schools chief candidates fault recess English-only. Arizona Daily Star. --8/20/20



Debate tests English-learning views. The Arizona Republic. 8/20/20

Superintendent of Public Instruction -Democratic Candidates In-Studio Guests. 8/19/02


Bilingual education helps students succeed. York Daily Record (PA). August 18, 2002

 AABE-Stephen Krashen.htm

English immersion yields mixed results. Arizona Daily Star. August 18, 2002


New English-learner rules lauded by district and opponents - 8/18/02 - North County Times http://www.nctimes.net/news/2002/20020818/52740.html

http://www.nctimes.net/news/2002/20020814/45321.html New rules in store for teaching ESL students - 8/14/02 - North County Times

  Colorado's Amendment 31 - English Language Education

Need More? Click on "News Archives" at http://www.asu.edu/educ/epsl/lpru.htm 




 Arizona Debate continues...

August 11, 2005...Napolitano, GOP leaders resume talks;1st meeting in 3 months  Gov. Janet Napolitano and the top Republican leaders from the House and Senate took the first step toward patching up a seriously damaged relationship Wednesday and possibly ending a bitter stalemate over money for English-language learners and a corporate tuition tax credit for private schools. Napolitano vetoed an English-learner plan supported by Weiers and Bennett, calling it inadequate because it added only $13.5 million in new money and forced schools to apply for grants in future years. Napolitano proposed a more expensive funding plan earlier this summer, supported by Hogan, that would spend about $185 million a year to shrink class sizes and better train teachers.

Lack of appropriate funding for ELL continues...Aug. 3, 2005
Associated Press

"Napolitano said lawmakers need to deal with it sooner rather than later. 'We need to solve this problem as opposed to litigating it,' she said. In the wake of lawsuit plaintiffs going to court to turn up the heat on state lawmakers, Gov. Janet Napolitano says a special session of the Legislature may be needed to resolve a long-standing school funding issue that could jeopardize federal funding for highway construction in Arizona."
The lawsuit plaintiffs asked the judge in the case to expedite his consideration of their request for sanctions. Otherwise, it could be months before there's a ruling and easily January before the Legislature is forced to act, the plaintiffs' lawyers said. Given that the students are not adequately learning English and are failing the AIMS graduation test in large numbers, "they need relief now, not next January," the motion stated

Make a difference! Call the Governor’s office at (602-542-4331) to thank her for this courageous advocacy on behalf of English Language Learners in our schools.

Our action makeS a difference!


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