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 August 26, 2005: "Feds demand more AIMS test data. The Associated Press...PHOENIX - Federal officials are asking Arizona to get tougher on schools when determining which ones are considered failing. For the first time, they want Arizona to include AIMS test scores from students just learning English when the state calculates which schools meet federal standards and which fail."...

Jan. 13, 2005 The Associated Press. Plan to make English Arizona's official language irks Hispanic...PHOENIX -  The House measure (HCR 2030) would allow voters to require that most government business be conducted in English


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Schools plan push in math. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 31, 2004

Hope, progress for Latinos in 2004. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 31, 2004

Schools fight labels before release. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 30, 2004

The Biggest Threat to City Schools. New York Sun. December 31, 2004

Nunca es tarde para estudiar. Prensa Hispana. Edición: 690. Del 22 al 28 de diciembre del 2004

Tests Are History at This High School. Los Angeles Times. December 27, 2004

Parents can have huge impact on their child's learning. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 26, 2004

Formula tweak helps school rankings. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 26, 2004

PCC place to be in Year of Languages. Arizona Daily Star. Dec. 25, 2004

Leaders criticize campaign. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 24, 2004

Prop 200 now law in Arizona. The Arizona Republic.  Dec. 23, 2004

Restraints lifted as Prop 200 is set to become law. Associated Press. Dec. 22, 2004

Evaluarán enseñanza de inglés. La Voz. Dec. 22, 2004

Translating for patients. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 22, 2004

AIMS progress is seen in Pima. Arizona Daily Star. December 22, 2004

Horne's 'Alternative Pathways' teacher plan deserves a shot. Arizona Daily Star. December 22, 2004

Horne touts latest AIMS scores . The Arizona Republic/ Dec. 21, 2004

For Some Parents, It's Never Too Early for S.A.T. Prep. New York Times. December 20, 2004


Wiess unlikely man for Roosevelt job . The Arizona Republic. Dec. 17, 2004

Spanglish. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 17, 2004

Getting look at police, fire en español. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 17, 2004

Prop. 227 still reaises tempers.  Sacramento Bee. Dec. 16, 2004

Districts' results mixed for English-language learners . The Arizona Republic. Dec. 16, 2004

How to Spend $5.6 Billion? Heed Those in the Classrooms.  New York Times. December 15, 2004

English teaching funds get push. Capitol Media Services. Dec 14, 2004

U.S. pupils turn in mixed performance against peers. Associated Press. Dec. 14, 2004

To catch struggling students, tribes turn to charter schools. Associated Press. Dec. 13, 2004

School profiled in Star reaps a credit bonanza. ARIZONA DAILY STAR.. December 13, 2004

Southeast Unprepared to Teach Hispanics . The Associated Press Baltimore Sun. December 10, 2004

Prop 200 would not deny education to K-12 students. Arizona Republic. Dec. 10, 2004

Inuit teachers key to Inuktitut curriculum Nanatsiaq News. Dec. 10,  2004

Part of Prop. 200 gets green light. ARIZONA DAILY STAR.. December 9, 2004

Ernesto Portillo Jr.: Tale of woman who came from 'above' was one worth telling. ARIZONA DAILY STAR.. December 9, 2004

 Grade-schoolers now 'Mix It Up At Lunch'. ARIZONA DAILY STAR.. December 9, 2004

Passing AIMS.  ARIZONA DAILY STAR.. December 9, 2004

Center puts toddlers on right reading track . The Arizona Republic. Dec. 8, 2004

Children of Hispanic Immigrants Continue to Favor English, Study of Census Finds. New York Times. Dec. 8,  2004

Campaign urges America to learn foreign languages. THE WASHINGTON TIMES. December 08, 2004

Seniors who flunk AIMS test can just keep trying. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES. 12/7/04

State seeks to enact part of Prop. 200. Capitol Media Services. December 7, 2004

Teacher's high expectations encourage achievement. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 6, 2004

Arizona second-stingiest to schools ARIZONA DAILY STAR. Dec 4, 2004

Push for early literacy changes approach to first graders.  The Washington Post.  Dec. 3, 2004 

Push for early literacy changes approach to first graders. The Washington Post. Dec. 3, 2004

Chase grant to help Latinos.  The Arizona Republic. Dec. 2, 2004

Her level best . The Arizona Republic. Dec. 2, 2004

Pushing students delivers rewards . The Arizona Republic. Dec. 2, 2004

Prop. 200 blocked by judge for now.  Capital Media Services Arizona Daily Star. Dec. 1, 2004

Court panel says New York schools need billions more. New York Times. Dec. 1, 2004

TUSD drafts office staff to help give English tests.  ARIZONA DAILY STAR.. December 1, 2004

Hay temor entre padres de familia . Prensa Hispana. Edición: 687. Del 1 al 7 de diciembre del 2004.

Estudiantes hispanos Batallan con el inglés.  Prensa Hispana. Edición: 687. Del 1 al 7 de diciembre del 2004

Leadership is out of touch with Hispanics . The Arizona Republic . Nov. 28, 2004

Board members keep jobs despite links to corporate scandals.  Arizona Daily Star. 11.28.2004

Language barrier delaying justice. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 26, 2004

Schools seek clarification on impact of Prop. 200. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 26, 2004

Legalese not easy in Gilbert. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 24, 2004

Leave Prop. 200 tweaking to Legislature, not courts. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. November 24, 2004

A Mother Deported, and a Child Left Behind. New York Times. November 24, 2004

Unfinished study on cost of teaching English could block $400M in U.S. aid. Capitol Media Service. Nov. 23, 2004

Demagoguery on King/Drew .  Los Angeles Times. Nov. 23, 2004

After-school champions. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 23, 2004

Foreign-born population tops 34 million, study finds.  Associated Press. Nov. 23, 2004

Proposition 200 worries diminish holiday joy for immigrant moms. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. November 23, 2004

Perfect SAT score pays off for N. Canyon senior . The Arizona Republic. Nov. 23, 2004

Study Charter schools hit state standards less often. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. November 23, 2004

Morality and immigration. ARIZONA DAILY STAR / November 23, 2004

Conchos parents defend school.  The Arizona Republic. Nov. 19, 2004 

Call goes out for Valley dispatchers . The Arizona Republic. Nov. 19, 2004

Suit seeks wider Prop 200 scope. Capitol Media Service. November 19, 2004

Author's visit a treat for fourth-grade class . The Arizona Republic. Nov. 18, 2004

Wanted in the Valley: Diverse police forcesl.  The Arizona Republic. Nov. 17, 2004

Tests of Youngest English-Learners Spark Controversy Education Week. 11-17-2004

Bush turns to long-time confidante to fill Education secretary position. Associated Press. Nov 17, 2004

Celebration in English The Arizona Republic. Nov. 16, 2004

Garantizan educación para todos.  La Voz. Nov. 16, 2004

San Diego Unifies its Strategy.  Fresno Bee. November 15, 2004

Churches changing with their communities . The Arizona Republic. Nov. 15, 2004

Hispanics sue county college system. Arizona Republic. Nov. 13, 2004 

Stay calm in the face of Prop. 200 . Arizona Republic. Nov. 13, 2004 

Another test for AIMS requirement. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 13, 2004

Prop. 200 applies only to welfare programs, AG says. Associated Press. November 12, 2004

Education Secretary Plans to Resign. New York Times. November 12, 2004

Prop. 200 foes expected to mount court challenge. ASSOCIATED PRESS. November 11, 2004

City, county may pay Prop. 200 fees, fines. Arizona Daily Star Capitol Media Services. Nov. 11, 2004

Prop 200 sparks drives in other states. Arizona Daily Star. Nov. 11, 2004

Indian Youth Reach Deep. Arizona Daily Star. Nov. 11, 2004

Duped on Prop. 200. Arizona Daily Star. Nov. 10, 2004

Backer to argue 200 covers many benefits. Capitol Media Services . Nov. 9, 2004

A leading fore of Prop 200 promises to continue fight. Arizona Daily Star. Nov. 9, 2004

Education groups push for greater diversity in teaching . Associated Press. Nov. 9, 2004

Storms, days lost, higher standards could affect FCAT scores, lower grades. Sun-Sentinel. Nov. 8, 2004

MVD isn't printing driver's manuals in Spanish. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 8, 2004

Prop. 200 vote panics immigrants. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 5, 2004

Goddard claims course is worthless, files suit.  The Arizona Republic. Nov. 5, 2004

Red Cross is seeking bilingual aid. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 5, 2004

Cancelan manual de conducir en español.  THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC. Nov. 4, 2004

Phoenix youngsters test science program. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 3, 2004

Straight talk about bilingual ed. NY Daily News. November 3, 2004

Educators expect No Child Left Behind lawsuits. Associated Press. Nov. 2, 2004

District appealing failing-school grades. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 1, 2004

Candidates discuss district's challenges.  The Arizona Republic. Oct. 28, 2004

Researchers target natural speech . The Guardian (London). October 27, 2004

Volunteers to monitor poll sites . The Arizona Republic. Oct. 26, 2004

The language of learning. The Age. Oct 25, 2004.

More Americans take retirement in Mexico.  Associated Press. Oct. 24, 2004

2-sided position helps break down language barrier.  The Arizona Republic. Oct. 23, 2004

PV school board candidates differ on English learners. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 21, 2004

Mexico discovers its Jewish history. Republic Mexico City Bureau. Oct. 20, 2004

New Mexico hiring Mexico teachers.  Associated Press. Oct. 18, 2004

Racial, ethnic wealth gap widens. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. 10.18.2004

Adults go back to school to learn to speak English. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 13, 2004

A Test Seemingly Intended to Keep Able Students Behind. The New York Times.  October 13, 2004

Being Bilingual Boosts Brain. cbs news. Oct. 13, 2004

Hand of God sent a loving life partner to student. Special for The Arizona Republic. Oct. 11, 2004

Celebrated teacher shares ideas . The Arizona Republic. Oct. 10, 2004

Parents take English to help the kids. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 9, 2004

'Horizonte' marks 1st anniversary. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 8, 2004

Singing the lingo. Knight Ridder Newspapers. Oct. 7, 2004

Immigrant kids grow unhealthy living here. Knight Ridder Newspapers. Oct 5, 2004

Bilingual education yields big payoff for state's students . San Antonio Express-News. 10/05/2004

Club's speakers improve in 2 languages. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 1, 2004

Ad agency created by, for Hispanics .Arizona Republic/Arizona Business Gazette. Sept 30, 2004

The future of our language . Daily Record/Sunday News. Sunday, September 26, 2004

Harsh reality of exit exams. Arizona Daily Star. 09.23.2004

English immersion works fine. Arizona Republic. Aug. 19, 2004

Bad data poison language study. Arizona Republic. Aug. 13, 2004

Study suggests closing 10 TUSD schools. Arizona Daily Star. Aug 8, 2004

Order on teaching English to nonspeakers will be costly . Capitol Media Services. Aug. 6, 2004

Immersion better for kids than bilingual classes, study says. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 6, 2004

Obtienen subsidio para inmersión en el inglés . La Voz . Aug. 4, 2004

Mom grateful that son can excel in English, Spanish. Arizona Daily Star. August 1, 2004

Glendale district gets momentum for change. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 30, 2004

Bilingual-ed rules still unclear . The Arizona Republic. Jul. 27, 2003

Chinese cultural center will connect young to their heritage. South Florida Sun-Sentinel. July 26, 2004

New high school to blaze career trails. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 24, 2004

A lesson plan for 'failing' schools. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 23, 2004

Immigration Reform Sabotage. Pacific News Service. July 22, 2004

Kids face third try in 3rd grade. New York Daily News. July 18, 2004


An American life, Please. To go, and fast. The New York Times. July 18, 2004


Language is not a barrier to Glendale teacher's aide . The Republic Republic. Jul. 17, 2004


AG gets Spanish reports. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 17, 2004


Constant rule changes hampering education. Arizona Republic. Jul. 15, 2004


Dropout Factories’ Identified In Hopkins Study. Education News. July 14, 2004


Latino Parents Decry Bilingual Programs. NY Times. July 14, 2004


New Mexico Front and Center. Alter Net. Jul. 13, 2004


More changes in SR's bilingual education program. The Democrat Press. July 6, 2004


Teenager Stumps Gov. Bush On FCAT Question. WFTV-Orlando. July 6, 2004


Hospital training its future doctors . The Arizona Republic. Jul. 3, 2004

Federal law designed to fail say educators. New Bedford (MA) Standard-Times. July 1, 2004

One Stop Shop hires folksy sort. The Arizona Republic. Jun. 29, 2004

Dennis Prager . Special for The Arizona Republic. Jun. 27, 2004

Education big in Latino poll. The Arizona Republic. Jun. 27, 2004

The goal: More Latino leaders. The Arizona Republic. Jun. 23, 2004

Gifted break barriers. The Arizona Republic. Jun. 22, 2004  


Mixing a continent of cultures. The Boston Globe. June 20, 2004


Farewell, Arizona; muchisimas gracias. The Arizona Republic. Jun. 20, 2004


Popular programs vanish from Mesa library's budget . The Arizona Republic. Jun. 18, 2004


Bilingualism benefits brain. The Washington Post. Jun. 17, 2004


Diversity Spoken in 39 Languages. LATimes. June 16, 2004


'Latino' stores extend reach . The Arizona Republic. Jun. 13, 2004


Bilingualism May Keep the Mind Young. WebMD Medical News. June 14, 2004


Richard Ruiz: Education Milestone. SPECIAL TO THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR. May 16, 2004

Brown v. Board of Education: 50 years later. SPECIAL TO THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR. May 16, 2004

Brown v. Board of Education: Law clerk watched history being made. SPECIAL TO THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR. May 16, 2004

Brown v. Board of Education: It 'had to overcome 200 years of racism'. SPECIAL TO THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR. May 16, 2004

Brown v. Board of Education: Witness to segregation's end.  SPECIAL TO THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR. May 16, 2004

Brown v. Board of Education. SPECIAL TO THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR. May 16, 2004


Arizona's Hispanic 'flyboys' in WWII. The Arizona Republic. May 24, 2003

Lets suppose these were your kids . . . . The Arizona Republic. Apr. 20, 2004

 Improving Indian schools remains big challenge. Associated Press. Apr. 20, 2004

N.M., schools try to teach students more Navajo cultureAssociated Press. Apr. 19, 2004

Early support program helps college success.  The Arizona Republic.  Apr. 19, 2004

Law is leaving children -- and educational reform -- behind Chicago-Sun Times. April 19, 2004

Bill would educate illegal students. Statepress.com. April 19, 2004

Roosevelt spelling bee does not bother Horne . The Arizona Republic. Apr. 17, 2004

Immigrant students focus of Sunday rally . The Arizona Republic. Apr. 17, 2004

Activist accused of smuggling 2 into U.SThe Arizona Republic. Apr. 17, 2004

May we? Mais oui! Play goes French. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 15, 2004

Study: Bilingual education classes can be effective. Daily Bulletin News. Apr. 15, 2004  

Former students say integration enriched their lives. USA TODAY. Apr. 14, 2004

Talking to each other.  USA Today. 4/14/04

Spanish-speaking players get lessons in American life. USA TODAY. 4/14/04

Library offers acting, learning at 'Le Café Fou' . The Arizona Republic. Apr. 14, 2004

Diverse Mets communicate well . Journal News (Westchester, N.Y.). Apr. 12, 2004 

Students blend rap, haiku and unlock creativity.  The Arizona Republic. Apr. 13, 2004

Gateway to a new country. Christian Science Monitor.  4/13/04

Bookworm at the hot dog stand. Arizona Daily Star. April 13, 2004

English-only format gets mixed grades. Los Angeles Daily News. April 11, 2004

Dual-language testing boon for state, pupils. The Oregonian. Apr. 11, 2004

Respect is basic at schools in Finland. New York Times. Apr. 11, 2004

 Hispanics' customs on rise . Arizona Daily Star. 4.11.2004

Linguist bringing dormant Indian language to life. ARIZONA DAILY STAR.  04.10.2004

Will 'failing' schools trip Bush campaign?. The Christian Science Monitor. April 08, 2004

Families pack district, flee Roosevelt schools. Arizona Republic. Apr. 6, 2004

Successful reading program will be expanded.  Ventura County Star. April 6, 2004

Hispanics' varying views yield surprises. Miami Herald. Apr. 05, 2004

Valley juveniles upset after deportation to Mexico . The Arizona Republic. Apr. 3, 2004

School reinforces Chinese culture. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 3, 2004 

The Long Road to Fluency. LA Times. April 3, 2004

Cartwright district hires Hispanic schools chief. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 2, 2004

Latinos unaware college aid available, researchers find. San Francisco Chronicle. April 1, 2004

Una utopía para los latinos. Prensa Hispana.  31 de marzo al 6 de abril del 2004

Historias de migrantes. Prensa Hispana. Del 31 de marzo al 6 de abril del 2004

9/11 impetus for citizenship for couple from Austria. Arizona Daily Star. March 31, 3004

Vidas Públicas. La Voz. Mar. 30, 2004

Funds Could Leave No Bilingual Child Behind. Los Angeles Times. March 29, 2004

States Latino population up 88%. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 28, 2001

Nice work, Tom, here's your . . . oops, never mind . The Arizona Republic. Mar. 28, 2004

Newspapers in Spanish on the rise in U.S.  Associated Press. Mar. 27, 2004

Harvard prof takes a shot at Mexicans. Arizona Daily Star. March 27, 2004

100 vie for numero uno in Spanish spelling bee. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 26, 2004

Southwestern schools root out illegal pupils. Christian Science Monitor. March 26, 2004

Newcomers feel added MCAS stress. The Boston Globe. March 25, 2004

Immigrant advocates file lawsuit to change MCAS test. Associated Press. March 22, 2004

Students raise test scores. The Fresno Bee. March 22, 2004

Parties' TV ads targeting Hispanics. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 22, 2004

Word play: Translators help foreigners in NBA.  The Arizona Republic.  Mar. 22, 2004

Tribe fears loss of culture through mandated school standardization. The Missoulian. March 21, 2004

English immersion hits home. The Boston Globe. Mar. 21, 2004

Immigrant takes top prize in essay contest. The Boston Globe. Mar. 21, 2004

Hispanic youths gather tackle variety of issues.  The Arizona Republic. Mar. 20, 2004

English learners fare better in test. San Francisco  Chronicle. March 19, 2004

Bilingual health fair Saturday. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 19, 2004

More students catching on to English. North County Times. March 18, 2004

Q: Is phonics-rich instruction, as pushed by the White House, needed in US classrooms? Insight Magazine. Mar. 18, 2004

Education funding still fuels fight.  The Arizona Republic. Mar. 17, 2004

Success at Ocotillo. Arizona Daily Star. March 16, 2004

Suddenly students. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 15, 2004

New salvo in assimilation debate.  Associated Press. Mar. 14, 2004

Mexicans more likely to die on U.S. jobs. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. March 14, 2004

No Child Left Behind to be eased. THE NEW YORK TIMES. March  14, 2004

No Child Left Behind.  ARIZONA DAILY STAR. March 14, 2004

Northern Arizona luring Latinos. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 13, 2003

2nd bias complaint filed against Scottsdale district. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 13, 2004

Special ed aide shows the way. Arizona Daily Star. March 13, 2004

Tears flow in court. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 13, 2004

Weston's high-flying Hispanic students buck national trend. South Florida Sun-Sentinel. March 12 2004

Influx of Hispanic students taxes schools. The Associated Press. March 12, 2004

Rise, fall of middle school library. San Francisco Chronicle. March 12, 2004

Educating poor kids takes radicalism. Arizona Daily Star.  3.12.2004

Speaking in approved tongues. Christian Science Monitor. March 11, 2004

English only to be enforced next year. Associated Press. Mar. 10, 2003

Hey, Professor, Assimilate This. Washington Post. March 9, 2004

Top Deputy Resigns Schools Post Over Effort to Get Husband a Job. NY Times. March 9, 2004

Kids crossing border for school scrutinized. Arizona Republic Nogales Bureau. Mar. 7, 2004

Carmona stresses education for Hispanic youth at fair. ARIZONA DAILY STAR.  3.07.2004

Jim Crow laws endure. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 3.06.2004

NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND LAUDED. Philadelphia Inquirer. March 5, 2004

Texas begs for teachers with or without credentials. The Christian Science Monitor. March 05, 2004

Two languages are better than one. The Guardian U.K.  March 3, 2004

Schools chief, Hispanic group trade snubs. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 3.03.2004

Despiden a 13 latinos por hablar español. Boston, EFE. Mar. 2, 2004

Exotic language studies take off as students wager on war. Columbia News Service. Mar. 2, 2004

Ruling lets bilingual classrooms participate in program. Ventura County Star. March 2, 2004

Sun may set on English language, experts say.  Associated Press. February 27, 2004

Amphi moves to aid non-English speakers Arizona Daily Star. Feb. 26, 2004

Share of people who are native English speakers declining. Associated Press. Feb. 26, 2004

Critics Assail Scholars Article Arguing That Hispanic Immigration Threatens U.S. The Chronicle of Higher Education. February 24, 2004

ASU chief wants ties to Mexico university.  Arizona Republic. Feb. 23, 2004

Roosevelt district seeks permanent school chief . The Arizona Republic. Feb. 23, 2004

At this school, it's not lost in translation. The Boston Globe. 2/22/2004

New immigrants get break on MCAS test. The Boston Globe. 2/21/2004

S. Mtn. puts bilingual nursing on fast track. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 21, 2004

Limited-English school deadline may gain a year. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 2.20.2004

UNESCO urges teaching from earliest age in indigenous mother languages.  UNESCO PRESS RELEASE. Feb. 20, 2004

Refocusing the schools. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 20, 2004

Forum yields pledges for Latino group.  The Arizona Republic. Feb. 20, 2004

AG: Public schools not exempt from Prop. 203. Navajo Times. Feb 19, 2004  (Arizona Alert!)

Schools get head start in English immersion. The Boston Globe.  2/19/2004

Feds ease testing progress requirements for limited-English students  Associated Press. Feb. 19, 2004

Teacher in hitting case asks for job hearing. Arizona Republic. Feb. 19, 2004

Roosevelt officials changing view on state solutions teams. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 18, 2004

Feds probe tech school on Englishonly stance. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 18, 2004

Lanzan proyecto educativo. La Voz. Feb. 17, 2004

Experience aids others Special-needs kids, families get benefits.  The Arizona Republic. Feb. 16, 2004

R.I. student group shows defiance with scholarship for whites only. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.  2.16.2004

Spanish language radio gets tainted.  KNIGHT RIDDER NEWSPAPERS.  2.15.2004

Defying No Child Left Behind.  Arizona Daily Star.  2.15.2004

Pasco's Ellen Ochoa Middle School embraces 'Esperanza Rising'. Tri-City Herald.  2.15.2004

State strains to aid consumers. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 15, 2004

Immigrants children succeed. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 14, 2004

Friendly House receives $700,000. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 14, 2004

Report Details Long Road to English-Language Fluency.  Los Angeles Times. February 14, 2004

An education rebellion stirring. The Christian Science Monitor. February 11, 2004

Unstable enrollment hard on schools. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 11, 2004

Parent partners. Arizona Republic. Feb. 11, 2004

Educating minorities. Arizona Daily Star.  2.11.2004

U.S., state laws help students succeed. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 2.11.2004

Garfield plan aims to hike state ranking. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 10, 2004

High school diploma no longer is key to success. Associated Press. Feb. 10, 2004

Funds from tribes' casinos help school districts. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 9, 2004

P&G targets ethnic groups with products. Cincinnati Enquirer. Feb. 9, 2004

All-day kindergarten not answer. Arizona Republic. Feb. 7, 2004

Struggling PV schools improve in academics. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 7, 2004

Are schools set up to fail?. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 7, 2004

2 schools Mexican institute join to form learning center. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 02.07.2004

No single marketing approach fits diverse Hispanic population. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 6, 2004

Grant could offer tutors for 82 refugee students. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 6, 2004

Brice-Heames earns respect from her foes. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 5, 2004

Giving back to school. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 5, 2004

Law forces aides to prove skills. ARIZONA DAILY STAR.  02.04.2004

Study Gives Advantage To Bilingual Education Over Focus on English. Education Week. February 4, 2004

Undocumented immigrants prefer to live in shadows. The Seattle Times. Feb. 3, 2004

Scottsdale district fails federal school standards. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 3, 2004

LULAC blasts Arizona schools at presidential candidate forum.  East Valley Tribune. 02/03/04 

No reason ever for teachers to hit any of their students. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 31, 2004 1

Tucson Region School districts downplay feds' adverse rating. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 01.31.2004

State schools fail U.S. standards. The Arizona Republic Jan. 31, 2004

Author encourages students to 'delve into their culture'. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 30, 2004

Hispanic group files complaint about teacher. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 30, 2004

Newcomers to English grow on academic team. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 30, 2004

CSU remedial plan falling shy of goal. San Francisco Chronicle. January 29, 2004

Hispanics Boost Enrollment in High School. Associated Press. Jan. 29, 2004

Colleges urged to help out Hispanics. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. 01.29.2004

Latino Optimism High On Childrens Schools National Survey Finds. Education Week. January 28, 2004

Point to your librarian with pride. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 28, 2004

State will shorten, combine kids' tests. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 1.27.2004

Fleeing struggling schools not a popular choice, study finds. Associated Press. Jan. 26, 2004

Hispanics mostly optimistic about schools, education. Associated Press. Jan. 26, 2004

Program helping kids learn to read quickly. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 26, 2004

Refugee forms Valley group to help families adjust. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 25, 2004

Native language programs run afoul of No Child Left Behind. The Associated Press. Jan 26, 2004

Our Foreign Legions. Wall Street Journal. January 26, 2004

'Too much Spanish' report blasted. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 24, 2004

Report Bilingual classes better than English-only approach. Ventura County Star.  January 24, 2004    (IMPORTANT INFORMATION)

Univision, city put out word on education. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 21, 2004

Looking at Latinos in spotlight of research. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 20, 2004

Foreign-language fluency is essential today in many jobs.  CBS MARKETWATCH.  01.19.2004

Study finds falling grad rates sets blame. THE NEW YORK TIMES.  1.18.2004

School segregation rises to 1969 levels. Washington Post. Jan. 18, 2004

Hispanics upset by teacher's discipline. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 17, 2004

State investigating teacher accused of hitting students. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 16, 2004

Teacher faces firing for hitting children. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 16, 2004

TUSD puts 2 ethnic programs under directors. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. Jan. 14, 2004

Know99 empowers kids.  The Arizona Republic. Jan. 13, 2004

Does Bilingualism make you smarter?  People's Weekly World Newspaper. 1/10/04

Judge asked to enforce English teaching rules. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES. 01.10.2004

Football talk in Navajo. Arizona Daily Star. Jan. 10, 2004

States returning millions in school funds. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. 01.10.2004

Promesa offers diploma hope. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 10, 2004

 Contempt ruling sought in English-class case. Associated Press. Jan. 9, 2004

Horne key to success of reforms. Arizona Republic. Jan. 9, 2004

Does Bilingualism make  you smarter? People's Weekly World Newspaper  1-8-04

Arizona's education improving. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 8, 2004

Horne lauds TUSD Marana mid school.  ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 01.08.2004

Teacher-quality effort earns D-  . ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 01.08.2004

Give poor our best teachers. Arizona Republic. Jan. 7, 2004

A- for Horne. Arizona Republic. Jan. 7, 2004

Horne decries 'testing culture'. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES. 01.06.2004

Horne to take case to public. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 4, 2004

Uzbek or Dari? Military learning new languages. Christian Science Monitor. Jan. 4, 2004

Money migration blamed for soaring teen dropout rate. Cox News Service. Jan. 3, 2004

Some School Districts Challenge Bush's Signature Education Law. New York Times. Jan. 2, 2004



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