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Ballot measure reports
Rocky Mountain News
December 6, 2002

Amendment 31 (bilingual education): English Plus, which opposed the
measure, raised about $3.2 million, including $29,132 in the last
reporting period from Oct. 24-Nov. 30. Supporters reported raising
$480,640 in their October filing. They hadn't filed a report Thursday but
said very few additional dollars were collected in the latest period.

Amendment 30 backers said their final numbers aren't available yet,
but spokesman Dave Minshall said there were "no major last minute"
transactions. In its October filing, the campaign reported $1.1 million in
cash and in-kind contributions. Opponents, Coloradans for Fair Elections,
reported raising no new money during the last reporting period and said
their total contributions were $18,585.

Amendments 27, (campaign finance reform), 28 (mail ballot elections),
29 (replacing precinct caucuses with primary elections) and 30 (election
day voter registration):

Amendment 27 supporters raised about $205,000 in cash and in-kind

Citizens for Honest Elections opposed Amendment 27. It reported
raising $62,135, including $6,185 in the last reporting period.

Bighorn Ballot, supporters of Amendment 28 and Amendment 29,
latest filing was not available. In the October filing, Bighorn reported
$1,552,047 in financial and in-kind contributions.

The No on 28 Committee reported raising and spending $2,210.

Save the Caucus, which opposed Amendment 29, raised "around
$7,000 or $8,000," said former Democratic state chairman Phil

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