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The Arizona Republic-Scottsdale/northeast Valley briefs
Sept. 20, 2002

Dual-language program change angers parents

PARADISE VALLEY - Parents of children at Palomino Elementary School in the Paradise Valley Unified School District say they deserve to be involved in  decisions regarding their schools' dual-language program.

Shortly before school started this year, the district decided that students must be fluent in English to qualify for the program. Previously, students were eligible if they knew some English.

Instead, they will have to enroll in English immersion classes at lower grade levels, and teachers fear those classes will become overcrowded.

Superintendent Thomas Krebs explained the rationale behind the district's decision, saying test scores on standardized exams have been falling at Palomino compared with the rest of the district. The decision is an attempt to raise scores, he said.

About 150 parents, students and teachers showed up at a board meeting Thursday night.

Krebs did not indicate that he will reverse the decision, but said he will  meet with teachers to address concerns over class sizes.