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Summary of the News' picks
Rocky Mountains News
November 3, 2002

It wasn't pretty but it's almost over, and we don't even have to
tell you what we're referring to, do we? The election season, of
course. Many voters complain that all the negative ads have worn
them down, and we understand, we really do. But we also think a
little perspective and realism are in order.

Those who argue that attack ads can be muted - as backers of
Amendment 27 contend, for example - are kidding themselves.
Negative campaigns are a hallmark of American history. It is hard
to name a single major contest in which extravagant charges
weren't leveled against one side or the other. The only difference
today is that the political attacks find their way into your living
room, when all you wanted to do was to watch Survivor.

In a perverse sort of way, the attack ads can even be instructive.

Take the U.S. Senate race, for example. Both sides have resorted
to gross distortions, but the most revealing have surfaced in a
remarkable series of ads against Sen. Wayne Allard, supposedly
highlighting a whopping list of heartless votes of his in Congress.

At some point the alert viewer surely begins to wonder, "Can all
these votes against additional regulation and increased federal
spending really be as awful as Tom Strickland says? Is there any
proposed regulation or spending hike that Strickland himself
would oppose?" Apparently not. And there, in a nutshell, you
actually have the difference between the two visions of
government promoted by the Senate candidates. Now you can
make an informed choice.

A recap of our endorsements for Congress, statewide offices and
metro legislative seats follows:

U.S. Senate, Wayne Allard, R

U.S. House Districts

1st: Diana DeGette, D

2nd: Mark Udall, D

3rd: Scott McInnis, R

4th: Stan Matsunaka, D

5th: Joel Hefley, R

6th: Lance Wright, D

7th: Bob Beauprez, R

State Offices

Governor: Bill Owens, R

Secretary of State: Donetta Davidson, R

Attorney General: Ken Salazar, D

Treasurer: Mike Coffman, R

State Initiated Issues

Amendment 27, Campaign Finance: No

Amendment 28, Mail ballots: No

Amendment 29, Ending party caucuses: Yes

Amendment 30, Election-day voter registration: No

Amendment 31, English immersion: No

State Referred Issues

Referendum A, Ending district attorneys' term limits: No

Referendum B, Health partnerships: Yes

Referendum C, Coroners' qualifications: Yes

Referendum D, Obsolete constitutional language: No.

Referendum E, Cesar Chavez holiday: No

State Board Of Education

1st District: Rico Munn, D

3rd District: Christine Pacheco-Koveleski, D

7th District: Glenn Rhoades, R

CU Regents

2nd District: Cindy Carlisle, D

6th District: Paul Schauer, R

7th District: Karen Middleton, D

State Senate

SD 16: Web Sill, R

SD 20: Steve Jensen, R

SD 22: Norma Anderson, R

SD 24: Alice Nichol, D

SD 30: John Evans, R

SD 32: Dan Grossman, D

SD 34: Paula Sandoval, D

State House

HD 1: Fran Coleman, D

HD 2: Desiree Sanchez, D

HD 3: Jennifer Veiga, D

HD 4: Rick Nevin, R

HD 5: Joel Judd, D

HD 6: Andrew Romanoff, D

HD 7: Peter Groff, D

HD 8: Rosemary Marshall, D

HD 9: Alice Borodkin, D

HD 10: Craig Johnson, L

HD 11: Leona Stoecker, R

HD 12: Jim Egerton, R

HD 22: Rob Fairbank, R

HD 23: Kelley Daniel, D

HD 24: Cheri Jahn, D

HD 25: John Witwer, R

HD 26: Scott McKay, R

HD 27: Bill Crane, R

HD 28: Don Lee, R

HD 29: Bob Briggs, R

HD 30: David Dunnell, R

HD 31: Pam Rhodes, R

HD 32: Val Vigil, D

HD 33: Shawn Mitchell, R

HD 34: Lois Tochtrop, D

HD 35: Ann Ragsdale, D

HD 36: Frank Weddig, D

HD 37: Lauri Clapp, R

HD 38: Joe Stengel, R

HD 39: Nancy Spence, R

HD 40: Debbie Stafford, R

HD 41: Suzanne Williams, D

HD 42: Michael Garcia, D

HD 43: Ted Harvey, R

HD 44: Mike May, R

RTD Board

District B: Mark David Najarian

District C: Lori Fox

District J: William Christopher

District K: Dave Rose

District L: Wally Pulliam

District N: Joe Kubala

District O: Richard McClean

Denver Ballot

1A, Auditorium Theatre renovation: Yes

Denver charter measures

1B: Yes

1C: Yes

1D: No

1E: Yes

1F: Yes

1G: Yes

1H: Yes

1I: Yes

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