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Ballot measures received last-minute boost of cash
 Rocky Mountain News
December 10, 2002
By Burt Hubbard

The financial backers of four losing statewide ballot measures put $105,000 combined into the campaigns during the closing weeks of the election.

Financial reports showed that Internet entrepreneur Jared Polis contributed an additional $44,300 to the Yes on 30 campaign that backed an amendment to allow Election Day voter registration.

That brought the total contributions from Polis, his family and company to about $1.15 million.

Despite the loss, Polis said he won't shy away from similar campaigns in the future.

"I will continue to look at ways to help more Coloradans who choose to vote to exercise the right to vote," Polis said.

He said he thought the measure lost because only the entrenched voters went to the polls. The opposition raised less than $20,000.

"We were asking the group that's already enfranchised to help enfranchise others, and that's always a difficult sell," Polis said.

Denver businessman Rutt Bridges donated another $46,000 to the campaign behind Amendments 28 and 29. Both lost. Amendment 28 would have mandated that voters receive mail ballots while Amendment 29 would have replaced the party caucus system with primary elections.

That brought Bridges' total donations to almost $1.6 million. The opposition groups to the two measures raised about $10,000.

And California businessman Ron Unz loaned another $15,000 to the Amendment 31 campaign to replace bilingual education with English immersion.

That brought his total loans to $370,000.

The campaign got another $41,000 in donations, including $10,000 from former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan.


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