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Dec. 27, 2005 Associated Press State board votes against fighting order in English-learning case. The state Board of Education voted Tuesday against fighting a federal judge's order that requires Arizona to improve programs for students learning the English language and exempt English-learning students from taking the AIMs test.
However, state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne, a board member but also a separate defendant in the court case, said he still plans to ask federal courts to block implementation of the ruling and then asking a federal appeals court to overturn it.

Dec. 20, 2005 Associate Press Illegal entry blamed for English fines - "Republican officeholders critical of a federal judge's decision to fine the state heavily if it doesn't improve programs for students learning English are pointing a finger of blame at illegal immigration."

Dec. 17, 2005 The Arizona Republic - Ariz. faces $500,000-a-day fines in English-learner case "A federal judge on Friday ordered lawmakers to come up with a financial plan by late January to help educate school children struggling to learn English, else be fined $500,000 a day -- a penalty that could ultimately rise to $2 million a day.U.S. District Court Judge Raner Collins also ruled that so-called English language learners ! do not have to pass the high-stakes AIMS test to graduate from high school until lawmakers adequately fund their education. That would likely exempt them from the test until at least spring 2007 and possibly beyond..."

Nov. 1, 2005 Capitol Media Services Politicians locked up? English case vexes judge  "Frustrated by the lack of resolution, a federal judge on Monday openly suggested he might have to jail the governor and legislative leaders to secure proper funding for English-language learners.  District Judge Raner Collins noted it has been more than five years since a now-retired predecessor found the state was not complying with federal laws to ensure that all students learn English. And the state never followed his own January order to have a plan in place by now to help the 185,000 Arizona schoolchildren who lack English skills."

Oct. 30, 2005 THE ASSOCIATED PRESS . New rulings possible in school funds case  "A federal courtroom in Tucson will be the setting for a showdown Monday in a legal and political battle that could increase some schools' funding, interrupt the state's federal highway funding and allow many high-school students to graduate without passing the AIMS test.

Sept. 23, 2005 Associated Press.
Arizona school funding back in court.
"If this court were to adopt the superintendent's argument, then theoretically the state would be excused from complying with federal law simply because the plaintiffs exercised their constitutional right to lobby their elected officials," Hogan wrote. "The defendants can cite no law that supports such a bizarre conclusion."
A different federal judge originally ruled in 2000 that the state's programs for English-learning students don't satisfy a federal law guaranteeing equal opportunities in Arizona.

September 4, 2005 Arizona Republic, Navajos seeking education control. "...'Students who are not proficient in English, they must become proficient in English so that they can compete academically," Horne said. "Once they are proficient in English, then teaching Navajo and culture is a positive thing. I'm only opposed to teaching Navajo to children who speak Navajo only because that puts them behind academically.'"

September 2, 2005 Tongue-Tied on Bilingual Education. New York Times. "The study, which has been talked about for years, is still not out. But it is known that the researchers conclude that bilingual education is helpful to those learning English."

Jan. 13, 2005 The Associated Press. Plan to make English Arizona's official language irks Hispanic...PHOENIX -  The House measure (HCR 2030) would allow voters to require that most government business be conducted in English


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Tuition tax credit law failing needy students.  Arizona Republic.  Dec. 7, 2005

Good advice: Do your best.  Arizona Republic.  Dec. 5, 2005

English-only Activist Rreturns to Tech Roots.  Mercury News.  Dec. 04, 2005

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Building new skills in reading.  The Arizona Republic.  Dec. 4, 2005

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California's going to get a shocking education.  LA Times.  November 26, 2005

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Teens futures rest on DREAM.  The Arizona Republic.  Nov. 25, 2005

Citizen by birth? Perhaps not.  The Arizona Republic.  Nov. 25, 2005

Students launch Web site to lend insight about Native Americans.  The Arizona Republic.  Nov. 23, 2005

Californias changing demographics.  Associated Press.  Nov. 23, 2005

Trust power of bilingualism.  The Tribune (San Luis Obispo).  Nov. 22, 2005

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Asian youths suffer harassment in schools.    Nov 13,

Asian youth persistently harassed by peers.  (AP) China Daily (English translation). 2005-11-13

Officials Abolish courts for minorities homeless THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.  11.12.2005

Justice Department threatens suit over minority fellowships . Associated Press. Nov. 11, 2005

County attorney out to abolish courts for Spanish speakers, Indians Associated Press.  Nov. 11, 2005  

In the Pursuit of Justice. Jerusalem Post. November 10, 2005

H.S. seniors to get summer shot at AIMS    Tucson Citizen Nov  10,

Finding the right fit for English learners   The Arizona Republic.  Nov. 10, 2005

Speak up, Judge.  Arizona Republic.  Nov. 10, 2005

ASU research backs bilingual voter material.  The Arizona Republic.  Nov. 10, 2005

Play by plays in courtroom, and on court  The Arizona Republic.  Nov  9,

Students have 1 more shot at passing AIMS in July.  The Arizona Republic.  Nov. 9, 2005

Bilingual ballots under U.S. review. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. 11.09.2005

Passing tough for English learners .  The Arizona Republic.  Nov. 8, 2005

Special needs teacher given service award. Arizona Republic. Nov. 7, 2005

Italian program teaches culture. Arizona  Republic. Nov. 7, 2005

Cricket forging bonds of Valley's immigrants. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 7, 2005

Slight increase seen in foreign grad students. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. 11.07.2005

Immigrants work hard, pay a lot to shed their accents. LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS. 11.06.2005

Volunteers sought to teach non-speakers of English. Arizona Republic. November 6, 2005

Threat of jail time may get attention of Arizona leaders.  The Arizona Republic.  Nov. 5, 2005

Let's teach Anglos, Hispanics how to talk to each other.  Arizona Republic.  Nov. 4, 2005

District trying to fix disparity.  Arizona Republic.  Nov. 4, 2005

'Stone' is key to learning English, Spanish.  Arizona Republic.  Nov. 4, 2005

Graduation fallout to test AIMS' future The Arizona Republic Nov. 3, 2005

Making Grade in U.S. School. LA Times. November 2,  2005

Insurance site bilingual hit The Arizona Republic Nov. 2, 2005

Making Grade in US Schools  Los Angeles Times  November 2, 2005

Hispanics attend larger high schools. Associated Press. Nov. 2, 2005

Politicians locked up? English case vexes judge. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES . Nov. 1.2005

Hold cheers for gains on AIMS test. Arizona Republic. Oct. 31, 2005

Tribes, Ed Leader Debate Left Behind Act.  The Associated Press.  October 31, 2005

Arizona highway funds imperiled. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 30, 2005

Mesa leaders aim to ease tensions. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 30, 2005

New rulings possible in school funds case. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS . Oct. 30, 2005

Schools win round in court.  The Desert Sun.  October 29, 2005

 All city high schools now meeting federal standards. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 29, 2005

Stronger signal to expand reach of Telemundo. The Arizona Republic.Oct. 29, 2005

Multicolored rainbow beats dark dirty white.  Arizona Republic.  Oct. 28, 2005

Common language would benefit us all.  Arizona Republic. Oct. 27, 2005

Best doctors leaving poor nations English-speaking countries benefit from the exodusNew York Times.  Oct. 27, 2005

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Fed, state tags confuse school.  Arizona Republic.  Oct. 14, 2005

Vetos upset some voters.  Ventura County Star.  October 14, 2005

Politics made 'bilingual' a dirty word. North County Times (Escondido, CA). October 13, 2005

Many new Arizona moms English-deficient  CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES ARIZONA DAILY STAR . 10.13.2005

Recovering from financial ruin requires patience, small steps. ARIZONA DAILY STAR . October 12, 2005

Schools' grades about to arrive. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. October 12, 2005  

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Language gap grows. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 12, 2005

2nd generation Latinos mean wave of change Power as leaders, consumers emerges.  The Arizona Republic.  Oct. 11, 2005

Trials squeezing Gilbert court.  The Arizona Republic.  Oct. 11, 2005

Immigrants learn English sometimes as 3rd language. Associated Press. Oct. 9, 2005

School adds emphasis on boosting English skills   The Arizona Republic  Oct. 8, 2005

3 area teachers finalists for state honor  ARIZONA DAILY STAR. October 8, 2005

Vista Unified pushes English immersion program.  North County Times .  October 8, 2005

Latinos migrants face clash of cultures  The Arizona Republic.  Oct. 7, 2005

School works to meet feds' English needs.  The Arizona Republic.  Oct. 7, 2005 

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MCAS pass rate dips in Hudson. Boston Globe. October 6, 2005

 Mother tongue teaching 'proved crucial to success'  Cape Times.  October 5, 2005

Segregation broke spirit of students. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 5, 2005

Immigrants find English sometimes a 3rd - or 4th - language. Associated Press. Oct. 5, 2005

Demand mounts for early ESL. Dallas Morning News.October 3, 2005

Students and teachers struggle to meet English immersion goals. Boston Globe. October 2, 2005

State providing study guides for AIMS. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 2, 2005

Vista school board, principals find common goal on bilingual education. NORTH COUNTY TIMES
October 1, 2005

Segregated schools taught Hispanics  The Arizona Republic  Sept. 30, 2005

School districts step up efforts to teach English  The Arizona Republic  Sept. 30, 2005

Tribal members making Sonora pilgrimage  ARIZONA DAILY STAR 09.29.2005

Mexicans in Arizona mostly your fellow Americans. . September 27, 2005

Indigenous tongues get yearlong look.  .  September 27, 2005

Hispanic parents file Civil Rights complaint against Naco school. KVOA News. September 27, 2005

El Paso embraces English immersion for Spanish-speaking students. El Paso Times. Sept. 25, 2005

Half of Europe's citizens know 2 languages. Associated Press. Sep. 23, 2005

The Hopi Way may vanish so skiers can play. Arizona Republic. Sept. 23, 2005

Arizona school funding back in court Associated Press. Sept. 23, 2005

Tears anger as some try to flee and many poor are stuck. Associated Press. Sept. 23, 2005

A bilingual message for Ms. Xenophobe. Los Angeles Times. September 22, 2005

Study highlights language diversity. ICWales. Sept. 22, 2005

State to aid underperforming schoolsThe Arizona Republic. Sept. 21, 2005

Medical clinic settles English-only civil rights lawsuit. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 21, 2005

Mt. Vernon School District Expanding Foreign Language. Mount Vernon Inquirer. Sept 19, 2005

For Greater Literacy, Go Local. Inter Press Service News Agency. September 19, 2005

Latino Town Hall seeks consensus. Arizona Republic. Sept. 16, 2005

School offers nurturing environment for Muslim kids. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 16, 2005

Bosnians accuse feds of ethnic bias. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 16, 2005

He was 'Pancho' - then called 'Champ' . The Arizona Republic. Sept. 16, 2005

Chandler ban thins gathering of laborers. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 16, 2005

A group of immigrant teens finds identity, pride in baseball. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 16, 2005

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Networking in 'Español'. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 9, 2005

Court offers Spanish translation. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 9, 2005 5

Some schools like federal 'grades,' others disappointed. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 9, 2005

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Charter school's launch far from boring. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 9.08.2005

Study focuses on higher education. LA Daily News. Sept 8, 2005

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Second language big boost to career Nashville Tennessean. Sept. 3, 2005

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Reading can unlock English. The Taipei Times. Sep 01, 2005

Language Barrier. Detorit Free Press Editorial. August 31, 2005

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Bilingual report gets shelved after 3 years. USA TODAY  8/29/2005

Districts academy to mold future administrators. Arizona Republic. Aug. 27, 2005

Test change risky for 150 AZ schools. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. August 27, 2005

Feds demand more AIMS test data. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS   August 26, 2005

New educators 1st in U.S. to face mandatory exam ARIZONA DAILY STAR.  August 26, 2005

School uses arts outreach. Arizona Republic. Aug. 26, 2005

Tutor bridges language gapArizona Republic. Aug. 26, 2005

Enrollment still grows in schools.  Arizona Republic. Aug. 26, 2005

Jump into college class and get more out of life.  Arizona Republic. Aug. 26, 2005

It's a nice day, right? Let's start some fightsArizona Republic. Aug. 26, 2005

It's never too early to read.  Arizona Republic. Aug. 26, 2005

Schools facing fed crackdown.  Arizona Republic. Aug. 25, 2005

Right focus will brighten education. Arizona Republic. Aug. 22, 2005

Focus English-learner debate on opportunities for students.  Arizona Republic. Aug. 20, 2005

New principals offer hope in urban schools.  Arizona Republic. Aug. 19, 2005

Immigrants must assimilate and learn to speak English. Osceola New Gazette. August 18, 2005

Tutoring for AIMS touted as a success. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. August 17, 2005

County students improve scores on Standards Test. Ventura County Star. August 16, 2005

GOP must keep fighting on English-learner issue.  Arizona Republic. Aug. 14, 2005

Mesa is teaching Mandarin. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 12, 2005

He came to learn English. New York Times News Service. Aug. 12, 2005

Napolitano, GOP leaders resume talks. The Arizona Republic.Aug. 11, 2005

Mother: County school threatened deportation.  Orlando Sentinel. August 10, 2005

March honors Voting Rights Act anniversary. Associated Press. August 6, 2005 

Feds target scams victimizing Latinos . The Arizona Republic. Aug. 5, 2005

Summer ends early for teachers. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 5, 2005

Rock thrower, 11, won't be tried for assault. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.  August 4, 2005

Governor says special session may be necessary on school funding. The Associated Press. Aug. 3, 2005

Colo Republican says immigrants held to lower standard. Associated Press. Aug. 3, 2005

School funding fight may cost state highway aid. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 3, 2005

Northeast sees large influx of Mexicans. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. August 1, 2005

Cultural identity for toddlers. Education Today Newsletter. JULY - SEPTEMBER 2005

Hate groups turn focus on Hispanic immigrants. Associated Press. Jul. 29, 2005

Learn a foreign language. Arizona Daily Star. July 29, 2005

Same old issues riding the merry-go-round. Arizona Republic. Jul. 28, 2005

Immigrants facing long wait to get into English language classes. ASSOCIATED PRESS. July 26, 2005

Immigrants do not burden U.S. health care, study says. COX NEWS SERVICE. July 26, 2005

Parents lawyer Waive AIMS test for 3,000 English learners. The Arizona Daily Star. Jul. 26, 2005

State tourism boycott aims at moves against illegal entrants.  The Arizona Daily Star. Jul. 26, 2005

School goal: Bilingual 3-5-year-olds.  The Arizona Daily Star. Jul. 26, 2005

Bilingual ed advocates support proven failure . Arizona Republic. Jul. 26, 2005

Immigrants jam English classes. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 26, 2005

Arizona has nation's worst dropout rate. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 26, 2005

Report: Hispanic population booming in the South. Gannett News Service. Jul. 26, 2005

Thousands in 'Wilson 4' legal limbo. The Arizona  Republic. Jul. 25, 2005

Classes teach bilinguals to be medical interpreters. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 25, 2005

Congress should pass the DREAM Act.  The Arizona Daily Star. Jul. 25, 2005

Banks help undocumented migrants buy homes. The Arizona Republic. July 24, 2005

Library spreads the health .  The Arizona Republic. Jul. 23, 2005

Phoenix pupils may lose extra help in classes. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 22, 2005

Taking education home. Ventura County Star. July 22, 2005

Students' deportation orders tossed. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS . July 22. 2005

Judge throws out case of four who were brought into country illegally as toddlers. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. July 21. 2005

Judge throws out deportation case against 'Wilson 4' . The Arizona Republic. Jul. 21, 2005

AIMS is doing right job the right way.  ARIZONA DAILY STAR. July 21, 2005
Chinese salute their culture. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. July 21, 2005.
State order shuts down 'dishonest' real-estate firm. ARIZONA DAILY STAR.. July 21, 2005

English: Key to America. Cincinnati Inquirer. July 21, 2005

Boy Scouts reach out to Hispanic youngsters. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 20, 2005

Hispanic kids less likely to be insured, vaccinated. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.  July 20, 2005

4 facing deportation running out of options. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 20, 2005

Education chief, Sen. Clinton differ on federal help for Latino students. Associated Press. Jul. 19, 2005

Rock she threw in self-defense 'assault with deadly weapon' . THE ASSOCIATED PRESS . 07.16.2005.

Mexican-born veteran receives U.S. citizenship. Associated Press. July 15, 2005

U.S. minorities gain in academic testing. ARIZONA DAILY STAR.. JULY 15, 2005

 Aboriginal languages the remedy. The Australian. July 14, 2005

Nothing fair about public education. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 13, 2005

To fix broken system, Texans must understand it. Amarillo Globe News. July 13, 2005

Ministry battles to find English teachers. Taipei Times. Jul 13, 2005

Budget vetoes spark outcry. The Santa Cruz Sentinel. July 13, 2005

Unification idea fizzling. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 13, 2005

COMMENTARY: Any nominee, if conservative, will be smeared.  Victorville Daily Press. July 13, 2005

Preschools becoming multilingual learning hub. Contra Costa (Calif.) Times. Jul. 12, 2005

English language learners need funding. The Arizona Daily Star. Jul.10, 2005

Sending woman 'home' to Mexico truly un-American. The Arizona Republic. July 9, 2005

Education chief backs expansion of testing. New York Times. Jul. 9, 2005

Sonoran Indians fear new highway ARIZONA DAILY STAR. Jul. 9, 2005

Teachers say test does not prove kids know English. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 8, 2005

More openings than potential teachers at job fair. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 8, 2005

Feds consider change in how school progress is measured. Associated Press. Jul. 8, 2005

Study: Mexican immigration births face difficult integration. The New York Times. Jul. 7, 2005

SEI program helps youngsters to learn English. Southwest Valley Republic. Jul. 6, 2005

Guide helps immigrants settle in the U.S.  The Arizona Republic. Jul. 6, 2005

New principal must erase failing school's problems. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 6, 2005

3 studies suggest TV can harm kids' academic success. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. July 5, 2005

More schools offer summer programs to keep kids busy. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 5, 2005

"...you don't dance in Latino the same way you do in English..." . The Arizona Republic. Jul. 3, 2005

Napoleon 'tried to learn English BBC News. July 3, 2005

Attorney to seek fairness in AIMS. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 2, 2005

Demographics: Who are today's kindergartners and preschoolers? Gannett News Service. Jul. 1, 2005

Educators back English proposal. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 1, 2005

English funds vital, groups say. Arizona Daily Star. 06.29.2005

Zambian teachers want science lessons in local tongues. Science and Development Network. 28 June 2005

Readers offer views on matters of e-mail, non-English talkers. The Arizona Daily Star. June 28, 2005

Rigid certainty, political correctness evidence educational failure. Sacramento Bee (Published in the Pasadena Star-News). June 27, 2005

Alumnus writer, editor sending his last pages to press. Arizona Daily Star. June 25, 2005

Crash course in college. The Arizona Republic. Jun. 24, 2005

In plain English.  Arizona Republic. Jun. 24, 2005

12,000 more pass AIMS, but thousands may drop out. The Arizona Republic. Jun. 24, 2005

Use it or lose it - use is key to a healthy brain. Associated Press Medical Writer. Jun. 20, 2005

Horne's 'state report card' criticized  The Arizona Republic.  Jun. 19, 2005

My opinion Andrés Oppenheimer. Arizona Daily Star. June 18, 2005

English-learner plan unveiled. The Arizona Republic. Jun. 18, 2005

Primary-language testing key to progress. Ventura County Star. June 17, 2005

Assimilation Nation. THE WASHINGTON POST. June 17, 2005

Tests show non-English speaking children may need more than one year of instruction. Associated Press. June 16, 2005

Imagination library instills love of books, Knoxville News-Sentinel. June 15, 2005

Ireland's Gaelic added to official roster at EU. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.  June 14, 2005

Hospital to ask immigration status. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. June 13, 2005

U.S. Court of Appeals to hear Prop. 200 arguments today. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. June 13, 2005

School officials look to AG for direction. Arizona Daily Star. June 13, 2005

Mexico aids Mesa library. The Arizona Republic. Jun. 13, 2005

CIA weighs process to hire Arabic linguists. New York Times. Jun. 12, 2005

Interpreters a luxury Latinos not afforded. Associated Press. Jun. 12, 2005

When bilingual means doublespeak. The San Francisco Chronicle. June 10, 2005

Speaking Spanish is a marketable skill. The Arizona Republic. Jun. 10, 2005

Loss of a school, 'loss of community' . The Arizona Republic. Jun. 10, 2005

Author turns down speech after protest.  Press-Telegram Wire Reports (Long Beach). June 10, 2005

Hispanic wave pushes them to 1 of every 7 U.S. residents. Arizona Daily Star. June 9, 2005

Graduation speaker pressured, bows out. San Francisco Chronicle. June 9, 2005

Segregation in education. The Arizona Republic. Jun. 9, 2005

Prep-school interns teach - in Africa. THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 06.09.2005

Change of plan for CSUEB speech. Daily Review. June 8, 2005  

Students, staff to skip CSUEB keynote talk. Oakland Tribune. June 7, 2005

Teachers make a difference every day in kids' lives.  Arizona Daily Star. June 7, 2005

Academic standards. The San Diego  Union Tribune. June 5, 2005

Report: Lack of education, poor infrastructure threaten Calif. future. Associated Press. Jun. 2, 2005

10 Districts Sue State Over Testing. Los Angeles Times. June 2, 2005

U.S. student population soars to record  Associated Press. June 1, 2005

Napolitano's plan to boost ESL funding met with skepticism. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES . 06.01.2005

Salinas district joins lawsuit. Monterey Herald Salinas Bureau. Jun. 01, 2005

South County schools want more accurate assessments. SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE. June 1, 2005

PVUSD nine other districts to sue state today over English language testing. Santa Cruz Sentinel . June 1, 2005

Devoid of Content. New York  Times. May 31, 2005

Phoenix seeks out Hispanics for census. The Associated Press. May 30, 2005

Middle schools to have native English speakers. Korea Times. May 30, 2005

English is medium of instruction soon. The Philippine Star.  05/30/2005

Demand growing for Spanish-speakers. Special for The Arizona Republic.  May. 29, 2005

Anti-illegal immigration conference opens. Associated Press. May. 29, 2005

Valley Latinos taking lesson from LA. The Arizona Republic. May. 29, 2005

EDUCATING STACY How schools spend your tax dollars. Arizona Daily Star. May 29, 2005

Mesa auto dealer accused of discrimination. The Arizona Republic. May. 28, 2005

GOP, gov. dispute English funding.  CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES . May 27, 2005

Dueling state conventions reflect split in Latino group. The Arizona Republic. May. 27, 2005

Report: Mexican migrants staying longer in U.S. Associated Press. May. 27, 2005

UMC tells workers to speak only in English  ARIZONA DAILY STAR.  May 26, 2005

Are entrants in Ajo schools? ARIZONA DAILY STAR. May 26, 2005.

Confusion over who should check citizenship of school kids. Republic Tucson Bureau. May. 25, 2005

C'mon, governor - fair is fair, even in politics.  Arizona Republic. May. 25, 2005 

GOP leaders say Napolitano has sullied future dealings.  The Arizona Republic. May. 25, 2005

Probe finds Mexican students crossing border to attend school. ASSOCIATED PRESS. May 25, 2005

Separated by a common language British/American translations. COX NEWS SERVICE. May 25, 2005

Napolitano, Goddard in court over Prop. 200  CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES  May 25, 2005

Desegregation order lifted for Phoenix Union's high schools. ASSOCIATED PRESS. May 25, 2005

Bilingual toddler inspires kids magazine in Spanish. The Arizona Republic. May. 24, 2005

Hogan set on solving English-learner issue .  The Arizona Republic. May. 22, 2005

Governor enrages GOP with late vetoes. The Arizona Republic. May. 21, 2005

Tax break for corporate donations to private schools vetoed. Associated Press. May. 20, 2005

Napolitano signs bill to relax AIMS requirement for graduation Associated Press. May. 20, 2005

Legal language will decide on teaching English language. The Arizona Republic. May. 20, 2005
Phoenix to Hispanics: You count. The Arizona Republic. May. 20, 2005

Plainly speaking. Arizona Republic. May. 18, 2005

Federal act leaving whole states behind. Los Angeles Daily News. May 18, 2005

Separate unequal classes set bilingual education back. Chicago Sun-Times. May. 17, 2005

Feds will monitor Cochise election. ARIZONA DAILY STAR . May 17, 2005


New ethnic magazines start up across nation. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. May 15, 2005

Illegal workers becoming flash point. THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR . 05.15.2005
In the highlands of Oaxaca, a town struggles to survive. The Arizona Republic. May. 15, 2005
English-instruction dispute may doom entire state budget. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES. 05.14.2005

Stealing Arizona ''fair and square'' .  The Arizona Republic. May. 14, 2005

Speaking Spanish is becoming a big plus. The Arizona Republic. May. 14, 2005

Phoenix launches campaign to spur participation in census  The Arizona Republic. May. 13, 2005

English Bill Vetoed in Arizona; Struggle Over Rights Continues. The NewStandard. May. 13, 2005 

Mixed race, mixed emotions. The Arizona Republic. May. 13, 2005

Language-funding hike being pushed. The Arizona Republic. May. 13, 2005

Walk a mile in an immigrant's shoes; if you did, you'd understand boycott. The Arizona Republic. May. 13, 2005

State deems failing grades good enough to pass AIMS. The Arizona Republic. May. 13, 2005

Sacramento education leaders laud Noonan. North County Times. May 12, 2005

Oceanside superintendent settles in for first day on state Board of Education. North County Times. May 11, 2005

Without a dream we need bilingual classes. The Arizona Republic. May. 11, 2005

Record number of Native American teens in science fair The Arizona Republic. May. 10, 2005

State English rule is vetoed. The Arizona Republic. May 10, 2005

Hispanic boycott set for Tuesday. The Arizona Republic. May 8, 2005

Scientist found success in U.S., hasn't forgotten his homeland. KNIGHT RIDDER NEWSPAPERS . 05.08.2005

Last big issue is migrant hiring. The Arizona Republic. May. 7, 2005

Latino mothers holding the key to thriving city. The Arizona Republic. May 6, 2005 

Latino mothers holding the key to thriving city. The Arizona Republic. May 6, 2005

Court action threatened over funding for English. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES .05.06.2005

Teachers' learning experience. ARIZONA DAILY STAR 05.05.2005.

Alice Paul dies; top educator, first O'odham Ph.D.  ARIZONA DAILY STAR.. May 4, 2005

Yaqui language lives. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. May 4, 2005

Immigration Prompts Legislative Action. Arizona Capitol Times. May 3, 2005

Entrants may be held in slavery. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. 5.03.2005

Canada is wooing Mexican immigrants. Arizona Republic Mexico City Bureau. May 3, 2005

Hispanics faring worse on wages. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 05.03.2005

All 21 teachers at Davis Bilingual named Outstanding Educators. ARIZONA DAILY STAR.. May 2, 2005

At last, we find out what parents want.  Arizona Republic. May 1, 2005

AIMS' moving target gives Arizona an F. Arizona Republic. May. 1, 2005

Mexico rips Schwarzenegger OK of Minutemen. The Associated Press. April 30, 2005 

State slow to investigate border-hopping students. Arizona Republic Tucson Bureau. Apr. 30, 2005

Two views of Sahuaro teacher's expertise. Arizona Daily Star. April 30, 2005

Proposal lets would-be graduates plump up their scores with grade-based bonus points . Capital Media Services. April 30, 2005

Arizona's Latinos take back seat to no one. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 28, 2005

Schwarzenegger remarks draw Demo criticism. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. April 29, 2005

FCAT PLUNDERS 1200 SENIORS GRADUATION HOPES. Palm Beach Post. April 28, 2005

"SKILL GAP" BETWEEN RACES STAGNANT. Chicago Sun Times. April 28, 2005

Big education changes coming. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 28, 2005

Phoenix migrant student wins award for academics.  The Arizona Republic. Apr. 28, 2005

Defending roundups all around the Valley. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 27, 2005

Enter a thrilling new world - learn a foreign language. Tucson Citizen. April 27, 2005

Love of Learning Language Transcends All Ages. Washington Post. Apr. 26, 2005

Voters favor Minutemen, guest workers, poll shows. Associated Press. Apr. 26, 2005

Desert Vista students allege harassment. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 26, 2005 

Failing schools face varied demands. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 25, 2005

Failing schools face varied demands. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 25, 2005

Horne asks feds to ease academic rules for state. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 24, 2005  

Ingenuity brightens future. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 23, 2005

NASCAR wins Latino fans. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 23, 2005

States Cry Foul Over Bush Education Policy . The New Standard. Apr 22, 2005

Our Opinion Mariachi's sweet strains sing success. Tucson Citizen. April 22, 2005

Legislature's foot-dragging on funding education threatens students' futures. The Arizona Republic. April 22, 2005

Minorities score low on AIMS. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 22, 2005

Oceanside schools chief is named to state board. UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER. April 22, 2005

Translation goes high-tech. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 21, 2005

Spanish classes for native speakers.  Associated Press. April 21, 2005

Language Barrier Called Health Hazard in E.R. New York Times. 4.21.2005

Arnold: Border Remark Crossed Line. Associated Press (Sacramento).  4.21.2005

Kindergartners will get bilingual option. Chicago Tribune. April 20, 2005

Eighty eight percent of students feel intense pressure to learn English. The China Post. 4/18/2005

School is taking long look at self . The Arizona Republic. Apr. 17, 2005

Technicality fails official English. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. April 17, 2005

Three big myths about immersion education.  Contra Costa Times.  April 17,2005

Latin America evangelism is 'stealing' Catholic flock.  The Arizona Republic.  Apr. 16, 2005

Official English? Try mandatory Spanish. Arizona Daily Star. Apr. 14, 2005

Va. Is Denied Waiver From 'No Child' Law.  Washington Post. April 14, 2005

Lawmakers unwittingly vote in English as official language. Associated Press. Apr. 12, 2005

Parents sit overnight for kids' bilingual program.  Miami Herald. April 12, 2005

Political climate concerns. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 10, 2005

Language Fair is a fine place to widen horizons, students find. ARIZONA DAILY STAR.  April 10, 2005

Saving social studies. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 10, 2005

KUAZ urged to put show back on. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. April 9, 2005

Suit seeks to let kids take tests in native languages.  Ventura County Star.  April 8, 2005

U.S. expands states' flexibility in No Child Left Behind law. THE NEW YORK TIMES. 04.08.2005

They're not being good neighbors. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 8, 2005

Workers' value not undocumented by the government. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 7, 2005

Latinos walk for dignity.  The Arizona Republic. Apr. 6, 2005

Sonora will help deported kids. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 5, 2005

Dignity walk will highlight opposition to bills targeting undocumented immigrants. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 5, 2005

WAYS TO ENSURE THAT NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND.  Philadelphia Inquirer. April 4, 2005

Valley schools giving students a world view. The Arizona Republic. Apr. 4, 2005

Irritation over immigration is sweeping across Europe. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. 04.03.2005

Hispanics to march Tuesday over 2 bills.  The Arizona Republic. Apr. 1, 2005

Students' education should trump petty agendas.  Tucson Citizen.  April 1, 2005

House votes for option to passing AIMS. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES. April 1, 2005

Hispanic leaders urging prayer as Minutemen begin. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. April 1, 2005

Mandate sought for more classroom money. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES ARIZONA DAILY STAR. April 1, 2005

Senate chief urged to free up AIMS bill. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 31, 2005

 Legislative flurry targets benefits for immigrants. The Arizona Republic.  Mar. 30, 2005

Arizona fails to support its top-ranked students. Arizona Daily Star. March 30. 2005

If I could speak any language in the universe, I'd speak . . .  Arizona Daily Star. March 30. 2005

Study: Universal preschool a boon. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. March 30. 2005

Justices hear case on rights of foreigners. Knight Ridder Newspapers. Mar. 29, 2005

 Mexican migrants slow to seek U.S. citizenship. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 29, 2005

 State decides to take over 11 'failing' schools. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 29, 2005

 Forums on high school reforms. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. March 29, 2005  

Migrants lack diplomas. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 28, 2005

Adult ed graduates try to save program. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 03.28.2005

2 'failing' schools chart the future. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 03.28.2005

'Netspeak' - a new way to communicate or an abomination? KNIGHT RIDDER NEWSPAPERS. Mar. 27, 2005

Official English gets House OK . The Arizona Republic. Mar. 25, 2005

Hawaiian language enjoys revival in its homeland. Associated Press. 03.25.2005

Immigration figures to bug your eyes out. The Arizona Republic. 03.25.2005

House OKs bills denying services to illegal entrants. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES. 03.25.2005

Parents support state takeover. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 03.25.2005

Imes' traditions defended. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 25, 2005

Scholarship program is called unfair. Associated Press. 03.24.2005

Senate chief  won't allow a vote on AIMS test ban. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES. 03.24.2005

Migrant legislation draws call for Ariz. Boycott. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 24, 2005

Lawmakers try to add restrictions for illegal immigrants. Associated Press. Mar. 24, 2005

Tweak AIMS a bit to ensure its success.  Arizona Daily Star.  Mar. 23, 2005

Cash speaks without a translator.  Arizona Republic.  Mar. 23, 2005

Document crutch hampers Hispanics. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 22, 2005

School to change way it teaches Spanish speakers. Ventura County Star. March 21, 2005

English proficiency cannot be purchased.  Arizona Daily Star.  Mar. 21, 2005

Plan would turn Imes into traditional school. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 21, 2005

Engineering degree closer for Latina.  The Arizona Republic. Mar. 21, 2005

Students face new AIMS.  The Arizona Republic. Mar. 20, 2005

Official English' plan may not save much money. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 20, 2005


English only? Not in business. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 20, 2005

Minutemen appear to be restyling campaign along Mexican border. ARIZONA DAILY STAR.  03.20.2005

State axing principal at Craycroft. ARIZONA DAILY STAR..  03.20.2005

AIMS unfair to learning-disabled.  Arizona Daily Star.  Mar. 18, 2005

Love of island translates into English-speaking school.  Boston Globe. Mar. 18, 2005

Cartwright's chief can handle challenges. Arizona Republic. Mar. 18, 2005

Legislature OKs Republicans' budget.  Associated Press.  Mar. 18, 2005

Navajo physician is a rarity. Arizona Daily Star. Mar. 18, 2005.

Scholar gave Chicano movement intellectual footing. Tucson Citizen. March 18, 2005

English language learners being undercounted.  The Arizona Republic.  Mar. 18, 2005

Report: More than half of freshmen at Calif. university need remedial classes. Associated Press. Mar. 16, 2005

Officially, Arizona politicians don't speakie da English. Arizona Republic. Mar. 15, 2005

Inicia actividades nueve escuela en norte de Phoenix.  La Voz .  Marzo 15, 2005

Gilbert schoolkids soak up Sonoran culture.   The Arizona Republic.  Mar. 15, 2005

Survey Teachers education abysmal. The New York Times. Mar. 15, 2005

Benefits of learning Latin. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 14, 2005

 Popular Web site speaks in Spanish about baby care, spawns TV show. COX NEWS SERVICE. March 14, 2005

 Las Vegas hits the linguistics jackpot.  THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.  Mar. 14, 2005

Vouching for school reforms that Arizona really needs. Arizona Republic. Mar. 13, 2005

Working together to make fix. Arizona Republic. Mar. 13, 2005

Revival of Hawaiian language.  Associated Press.  Mar. 12, 2005

City gives $2million for ESL programs. Polish Daily News. 03.11.2005

Census totals of young, old rise in Arizona.  The Arizona Republic.  Mar. 10, 2005

Teen protests after Pledge recited in foreign languages.  Associated Press. Mar. 10, 2005

Hospital translator challenge dismissed.  Associated Press.  Mar. 9, 2005

House English measure still going. The Arizona Republic. Mar. 9, 2005

US culture tied to teen sex. Houston Chronicle. 03.08.2005

Cochise sheriff, rancher face suit. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 03.08.2005

PCC Adult Education students go to Washington to defend program. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 03.08.2005

Bashing immigrants. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 03.08.2005

Group terms AIMS testing a violation of human rights. ARIZONA DAILY STAR..  03.07.2005

Weaving Spanish into the fabric of America .  UNION-TRIBUNE.  March 6, 2005

Parents learning English also help their children.  Arizona Republic. Mar. 5, 2005

School district primes for legal battle.  The Desert Sun.  March 5, 2005

Immigrants' motives. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 3.05.2005

School districts put less money into schools than rest of nation. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 3.04.2005

Latino artists to be in spotlight. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. 03.04.2005

Anti-illegal-crosser Web site takes tips - for 99-cent fee. THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR.  03.04.2005

Brainiac kids put AIMS test in doubt. THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR.  03.04.2005

Speak English 24-7? That's not U.S. history.  Orlando Sentinel . March 2, 2005

Bill would limit more services under Prop. 200. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES . March 2, 2005

Court interpreters are in high demand.  The Arizona Republic.  Feb. 28, 2005

Things falling into place for educator. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. Feb. 28, 2005

English-learners directive is a quite impossible task.  Arizona Republic.  Feb. 27, 2005

More stores hiring employees to help Hispanic patrons.  Associated Press.  Feb. 27, 2005

Senate chief defends AIMS.  The Arizona Republic.  Feb. 25, 2005

At Remote Eskimo School, Yearning for the Lower 48. National Geographic News. Feb. 24, 2005

Juniors could fail AIMS test and still graduate under bill. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES ARIZONA DAILY STAR. Feb. 24, 2005

House panel votes to loosen AIMS graduation requirement.  ASSOCIATED PRESS.  February 23, 2005

BILINGUAL EDUCATION.  Language Magazine.  January 22, 2005

The Rev. Jesse Jackson . . .   The Arizona Republic.  Feb. 22, 2005

Linguists tracking the sprawl of y'all. Columbia News Service. Feb. 22, 2005

Multilingual staff can drive up auto sales. USA TODAY. Feb. 21, 2005

Undocumented Latinas at forefront of domestic abuse.  The Arizona Republic.  Feb. 21, 2005

Mexico's culture mix. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 21, 2005

More Africans Enter U.S. Than in Days of Slavery.   New York Times.  February 21, 2005

A common language.  San Francisco Chronicle.  February 20, 2005

Prop. 200 turns into another Ariz. folly .  The Arizona Republic.  Feb. 20, 2005

Hogan lawsuits hamper lawmakers.  The Arizona Republic.  Feb. 20, 2005

Attorney truly acts in interest of public.  The Arizona Republic.  Feb. 20, 2005

They aren't going to take it anymore.  San Antonio Express News.  February 19, 2005

Study urges more English funding. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES. Feb. 19, 2005

Jackson: Minorities face 'hostile climate'. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 19, 2005

Neb. sees trend toward Anglo vs. Latino schools. Associated Press. Feb. 19, 2005

English deficit at $210 million. Arizona Republic. Feb. 19, 2005

Bill Making English official language steeped in hate. Tucson Citizen. February 18, 2005

Chinese latest trend in language education.  Knight Ridder Newspapers. Feb. 17, 2005

Senate panel votes to drop AIMS graduation mandate. Associated Press. Feb. 17, 2005

Two-Way Language Immersion Grows in Popularity. Education Week. February 16, 2005

Learn English, Judge Tells Mom. Los Angeles Times. Feb. 14, 2005

Latinas struggle with cultural identity. Arizona Republic. Feb. 14, 2005

Some doing great job with English learners. Arizona Republic. Feb. 14, 2005

Spanish programs air on new stations. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 14, 2005

Career's evolution takes judge to pinnacle. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 14, 2005

Immaculate Heart returning to immigrant roots. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 12, 2005

Sweating out day labor. Arizona Republic. Feb. 12, 2005

Korea students 2nd in Calif. English proficiency.  Korea Herald. Feb. 12, 2005

Words to live (and love) by . The Arizona Republic. Feb. 11, 2005

Environmentalists criticize immigrant bill. Republic Tucson Bureau. Feb. 11, 2005

Mom who caged her twin sons gets 6 years in prison. Associated Press. Feb. 11, 2005

Panel passes bill to make English official language. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES . Feb. 11, 2005

Charters likely for 8 schools.  Oakland Tribune. Feb 11, 2005

Learning From the Left Coast.  New York Sun. February 11, 2005

House votes to deny entrants driver licenses. THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS. Feb. 11, 2005

Federal official visits to discover if students are learning English. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 11, 2005

House Approves New Rules for Asylum Seekers. U.S. News Article. Feb. 10, 2005

English programin state is OK'd. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. Feb. 10, 2005

English-learning case won by state.  Associated Press. Feb. 10, 2005

AIMS break for special-ed . CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES . Feb. 10, 2005

Special ed gets AIMS break. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 10, 2005

Attorney General says Prop 200 won't be enforced for March election. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES.  Feb. 10, 2005

Non-English speakers' test scores improving. San Francisco Chronicle. February 9, 2005

State, local schools differ on who's fluent in English.  The Oakland Tribune. Feb. 9, 2005

Shaw School 'distinguished' . The Arizona Republic. Feb. 9, 2005

Efforts to teach English paying off. The Desert Sun. February 9, 2005

Prop 200 foes not giving up. THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR.  Feb. 8, 2005 

TUSD's money woes cost children in books, appropriate attention. THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR.  Feb. 8, 2005  

Migrants' kids missing out. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 8, 2005

Son's shooting drives Rep. Pearce's efforts. Arizona Republic. February 7, 2005

Group seeks to honor Hispanic teen leaders. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 7, 2005

Special education department wins national award  . Arizona Daily Wildcat. February 7, 2005

FCAT a test for pupils, schools. Tallahassee DEMOCRAT. February 7, 2005

Ante up for English. Arizona Republic. Feb. 6, 2005

Republicans risk losing Latinos. Arizona Republic. Feb. 6, 2005

Recorder, O'odham leader fault ID to vote . ARIZONA DAILY STAR. Feb. 5, 2005

Mexico should butt out of Prop. 200. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. Feb. 5, 2005

Here's why we need official language. The Arizona Republic. Feb 4. 2005

Look to Miami for its embrace of immigration.  The Arizona Republic. Feb. 4, 2005

District settles bias complaint. Arizona Republic. Feb. 4, 2005

SCC goes global in recruitment of students. The Arizona Republic. Feb 3. 2005

New Senator's Spanish words defy traditions. Hearst Newspapers. Feb. 3, 2005

Stories of Sanctuary helpers. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. Feb. 3, 2005

Prop. 200 may encourage voting by mail. ARIZONA DAILY STAR.. Feb. 3, 2005

New law flusters election officials. Arizona Republic. Feb. 2, 2005

Colorado pulls Spanish language immigrant guide from Web site. Associated Press. Feb. 2, 2005

Exchange students wow Central crowd. Arizona Republic. Feb. 2, 2005

Latino group sets out to mend inner divide . Arizona Republic. Feb. 2, 2005

4-year-old kindergartners strain state. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 1, 2005

Love thy neighbor. Arizona Republic. Feb. 1, 2005

What is it about Mexicans?  Arizona Republic. Jan. 31, 2005

No Child Left Behind burdens states with irrational expectations. THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR . Jan. 29, 2005

English-only proposal is based on emotion. Arizona Republic. Jan. 28, 2005

Financial aid orientations assist students filling out, filing forms. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 28, 2005

Prop. 200 a spur to state to do its job. THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR. Jan. 28, 2005

Measure lets judges lock up some entrants. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES.  Jan. 28, 2005

S. Asia marks 1 month since tsunami. Associated Press. Jan. 27, 2005

Northwest schools tailoring students' education. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. Jan. 27, 2005

Cant understand your teacher? . Associated Press. Jan. 26, 2005

Judge to lawmakers: Fund English classes. Capitol Media Services. Jan. 26, 2005

Judge: State shorting English ed. Capitol Media Services. Jan. 26, 2005

Math vs. arts, gym. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 25, 2005

Groups seek to duplicate migrant law . The Arizona Republic. Jan. 24, 2005

Judge asked to set deadline for Legislature to provide funding.  Associated Press. Jan. 24, 2005 

Bilingual program succeeding. San Antonio Express-News. Jan. 23, 2005

New migrant law irks Mexico. Arizona Republic Mexico City Bureau. Jan. 23, 2005

Native Language Programs Running Afoul Of No Child Left Behind. Associated Press. 22 January 2005

Library can offer more than books. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 22, 2005

More Latinos opting out of  barrios . The Arizona Republic. Jan. 21, 2005

LULAC must refocus on priorities, if it has any . The Arizona Republic. Jan. 21, 2005

Garcia pledges to continue the fight for civil rights. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 21, 2005

Lead role in touring Chicago is Mexican actress's latest coup. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. Jan. 20, 2005

School might find boycott to its liking. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 19, 2005

Tribal leaders decry official-English plan.  Capitol Media Services. Jan. 19, 2005

Tribal leaders decry official-English effort. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 19, 2005

Lawmakers ask U.S. to void Prop. 200 terms . Capitol Media Services. Jan. 19, 2005

Mesa kids learn to put reading first. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 18, 2005

AN ISSUE IN SEARCH OF A POINT . Arizona Republic. Jan. 18, 2005

Legislative politics blocked Hastings. San Jose Mercury News. Jan. 18, 2005

English-only plan rewrites meaning of 'un-American' . Arizona Republic. Jan. 18, 2005

Mexican official reiterates temp worker-pact desire. The Associated Press. Jan. 18, 2005

Latino group shake-up stalls school boycott. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 18, 2005

Arizona lawmakers seek to curb migrants' cost.  The Associated Press. Jan. 18, 2005

TUSD asks court OK to end deseg case. Arizona Daily Star. Jan. 18, 2005

Bilingualism is faulty investment. The Waco Tribune-Herald. January 17, 2005

'We the people' in any form . Arizona Republic. Jan. 17, 2005

Education. Arizona Republic. Jan. 16, 2005

Coach, team took bite out of segregation. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 14, 2005

Assisting non-native speakers . The Arizona Republic. Jan. 14, 2005

Plan to make English Arizona's official language irks Hispanic. The Associated Press. Jan. 13, 2005

GOP lawmaker touts English bill. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 13, 2005

Hispanic rights group wants to nullify Prop 200. Capitol Media Service.  Jan. 13, 2005

8 students visiting in exchange program . The Arizona Republic. Jan. 13, 2005

AIMS fixes can become problems.  Arizona Daily Star. Jan. 12, 2005

La educación, reprobada.  La Voz. Enero 12, 2005

University High tops the world. Arizona Daily Star. Jan. 11, 2005

Rats can distinguish languages, study shows. New York Times. Jan. 10, 2005

Education must look at reality. Arizona Republic. Jan. 9, 2005

Linguists identify mysterious tongue.  Arizona Republic. Jan. 8, 2005

McCain resists recognition for indigenous Hawaiians. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS . Jan 8, 2005

Use of English key to ailing Nissan's revival, author says. Knight Ridder Newspapers. Jan 8, 2005

Wakefield A team celebrates. Arizona Daily Star. Jan 7, 2005

School funding survey has Arizona next to last . Arizona Daily Star. Jan. 6, 2005

Principles may cost state board member his seat. San Francisco Chronicle. Jan. 5, 2005

State readies AIMS tutoring funds. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 5, 2005

Arizona is 50th in pupil spending.  The Arizona Republic. Jan. 5, 2005

Arizona moving on up to No. 17 in population . The Arizona Republic. Jan. 5, 2005

A living history book. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 4, 2005

Study Offers Grim Look at Schools. L.A. Times. Jan. 4, 2005

California students rank low academically. Associated Press. Jan. 4, 2005

Downing to co-sponsor anti-AIMS legislation. Arizona Daily Star. Jan. 4, 2005

A Hispanic name - José - No. 1 for Arizona boys. Capitol Media Services. Jan. 4, 2005

Ski areas recruit workers abroad. The Arizona Republic. Jan. 3, 2005

Colleges cast a wider net . The Arizona Republic.  Jan. 3, 2005 

PBS investigates the many ways we speak 'American' . Washington Post. Jan. 3, 2005

Critics backers to weigh in on Gonzales. New York Times. Jan 3, 2005

The Korea Herald invites you to a better 2005. Korean-Herald. January 2, 2005



 Arizona Debate continues...

Lack of appropriate funding for ELL court ruling...

Dec. 16, 2005

  On Friday, a federal judge ordered law makers to come up with a financial plan by January 24, 2006 to address the ignored  6 year old court ruling to improve English language programs.  Tim Hogan in the Arizona Republic was quoted :"’This is a pretty big hammer," said Tim Hogan of the Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest. "We're really pleased with the decision and are confident this is going to get the state's attention and get them to solve the problem’"  Although Judge Collins did not impose Hogan’s request to freeze $500 million in federal highway funds,  incremental daily fines will be imposed if state legislators have not complied by the end of January date.

In the same case, Collins ruled English language learners  do not have to pass the high-stakes AIMS test to graduate from high school until lawmakers adequately fund their education. That would likely exempt them from the test until at least spring 2007 and possibly beyond!

Please thank Tim Hogan (thogan@aclpi.org) for his tireless advocacy for English language learners and continue to support politicians such as Governor Napolitano who side with justice for children!

Call the Governor’s office at (602-542-4331) to thank her for this courageous advocacy on behalf of English Language Learners in our schools.

Our action makes a difference!


 AABE is a NABE Affiliate Member


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