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 August 26, 2005: "Feds demand more AIMS test data. The Associated Press...PHOENIX - Federal officials are asking Arizona to get tougher on schools when determining which ones are considered failing. For the first time, they want Arizona to include AIMS test scores from students just learning English when the state calculates which schools meet federal standards and which fail."...

Jan. 13, 2005 The Associated Press. Plan to make English Arizona's official language irks Hispanic...PHOENIX -  The House measure (HCR 2030) would allow voters to require that most government business be conducted in English


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Feds states disagree over how to measure student proficiency. New York Times. Dec. 31, 2003

Art teacher of year stirs imaginations. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 31, 2003

Progress in immersion, but no miracles.  Standard-Times. December 29, 2003

Parents, Schools Are Learning to Like Full-Day Kindergarten. Los Angeles Times. December 29, 2003

Checking up on English lesson plan. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 29, 2003

LAUSD's Twin Challenges. Los Angeles Times. December 26, 2003

Art teacher of year stirs imaginations. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 31, 2003

English immersion is slow going. Boston Globe. 12/26/2003

Volunteers return self esteem. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 24, 2003

2nd generation fared worse than other Hispanics in downturn. Associated Press. Dec. 24, 2003

New degrees wont help get jobs for 2 sons of Martinezes.  Arizona Daily Star. December 23, 2003

School-reform law's mandates penalize diverse schools, study says. Gannett News Service. Dec. 22, 2003

Language gap 'no problema' for Santa, neighborhood kids. Arizona Republic. Dec. 22, 2003

Apaches praise 'Missing' for accuracy, language. Associated Press. Dec. 21, 2003

Schools' drive to boost test scores takes a toll. Chicago Tribune. December 21, 2003

Calif group again tries to halt migrant services. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. December 21, 2003

Dropouts or graduates? Arizona Daily Star December 21, 2003

World is wired, but Internet isn't truly global. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. December 21, 2003

Vista schools struggling with bilingual education. North County Times. December 20, 2003

Arizona HS grad rate high. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. December 19, 2003

1 in 4 in Arizonas Class of 02 didnt receive a diploma. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 19, 2003

School district fights state over No Child Left Behind sanctions. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. December 17, 2003

Phoenix joins Latino student study. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 17, 2003

 More favor English immersion. Metro West Daily News. 12/17/2003

School district fights state over No Child Left Behind sanctions. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. December 17, 2003

Students are great teachers. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 17, 2003

Jail school has high AIMS scores.  ARIZONA DAILY STAR. December 17, 2003

Apaches praise 'The Missing,' send students to learn about language. Associated Press. Dec. 16, 2003

Isaac schools empowered by strategies of new chief. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 16, 2003

Teachers recognized: 3 cheers for the best.  Arizona Republic. Dec. 15, 2003

Language challenges children, and parents ENGLISH IMMERSION LAW. Boston Globe. Dec. 14, 2003

Tallying our losses in the 'education marketplace'. Arizona Republic. Dec. 14, 2003

Poverty is high in 84 Arizona school districts, Census says. Associated Press. Dec. 14, 2003

Tutors help pupils, themselves. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 13, 2003

Millions would be legalized. KNIGHT RIDDER NEWSPAPERS. December 12, 2003

California Hispanic groups organizing boycott today. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. December 12, 2003

When the Boss Says English Only. ABC News. Dec. 11, 2003

Tuition-aid program called flawed. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 11, 2003

In educating, one size does not fit all. Arizona Daily Star. December 11, 2003

3rd-graders excited by new vocabulary.  The Arizona Republic. Dec. 10, 2003

Extra programs enrich educational experience. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 10, 2003

Darn Jorges - ¡Qué lástima!. Arizona Republic. Dec. 10, 2003

Doing the math on the school tax credit program. Arizona Republic. Dec. 10, 2003

Groups excluded by word, some Latinos contend. Cox News Service. Dec. 10, 2003

 'Schools to test Chavez curriculum. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 10, 2003

 Ranchers accused of impersonating border agents sued. Associated Press. Dec. 10, 2003

Boston Schools Adjust To Bilingual Education Restrictions. Education Week. Dec. 10, 2003

Shy guy' learns English, then gets straight A's The Tribune. Dec. 09, 2003

Homeland security chief launches ad campaign targeting Hispanics. Associated Press. Dec. 8, 2003

The secret of her success Catching kids being good. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 7, 2003

China to finance AP tests for U.S. high schools. The Washington Post. Dec. 5, 2003

Productive students. Arizona Daily Star. December 5, 2003

Creating excitement for learning pays off. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 4, 2003

Stapley students may head to Kino. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 4, 2003

PIMENTEL Why is Jessica cast as a hero while Shoshana is forgotten? The Arizona Republic. DECEMBER 4, 2003

Special-ed students skew standardized test results. Associated Press. Dec. 2, 2003

Barriers come down. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 2, 2003

Phoenix council attempts to reach Spanish speakers. The Arizona Republic. Dec. 2, 2003

This really adds up.  The Arizona Republic. Dec. 2, 2003

Undocumented students rallying for legislation discover a new voice. Associated Press. Dec. 1, 2003.

 Buscan padres hispanos preservar idioma en sus hijos. Prensa Hispana.   26 de noviembre al 2 de diciembre-2003

No-nonsense classroom gets results. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 30, 2003

Why Johnny, Shakela and Jose can't read. San Francisco Chronicle. November 30, 2003

Forum to look at school funding. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. November 29, 2003

Forum opens year marking civil rights. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. November 28, 2003

Language school tailored to needs of immigrants. The Associated Press. November 27, 2003

Teen fights English-only rule. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 25, 2003

Bilingual Asian children  do better. BBC News. November 25, 2003

Fewer minority kids in college prep classes. ARIZONA DAILY STAR . 24 November 2003

Dropouts. Arizona Daily Star. November 23, 2003

TOWN HALL Why not college?' Tucson Citizen. NOVEMBER 21, 2003

PV middle school wins appeal, is graded 'highly performing'. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 21, 2003

1 in 10 in Arizona lacks proficiency in English.  The Arizona Republic. Nov. 21, 2001 12:00 PM

UN Scandinavia ahead in Internet access but Asian countries catching up. The Associated Press. NOVEMBER 20, 2003

Its fun in any language Gilbert Days parade becomes bilingual.  The Arizona Republic. Nov. 20, 2003

Gilbert Days embraces its Hispanic beginnings. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 20, 2003.

Tempe Library to invest in non-English material. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 20, 2003

Charter schools blaze trail to real racial equality  Arizona Daily Star. November 20, 2003

Showing way to college.  Tucson Citizen. November 19, 2003

Dysart seeks to alter boundaries. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 19, 2003

English Proficiency Can Take A While in State ESEA Plans. Education Week. November 19, 2003

LULAC director finally set to do battle in Arizona. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 19, 2003 

Colorado looks at abolishing grade 12. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. November 19, 2003

Bold early-education proposal pitched. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 19, 2003

'Sharing knowledge. Arizona Daily Star. November 18, 2003

Hispanic America Save' tries to narrow wealth gap. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. November 18, 2003

Stanford AIMS to become one test  ARIZONA DAILY STAR. November 18, 2003

Newcomb: English-only kills. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 17, 2003

Parents With Voices aims to help minority and low-income kids.  Statesman Journal. November 17, 2003

Fix it plan for poor schools plods along:Skepticism over 'solutions teams' . The Arizona Republic. Nov. 17, 2003

Students shift back to native tongue Metro West Daily News. November 16, 2003

More than 120 hear about their rights during a workshop.  Statesman Journal. November 16, 2003

A Stepping Stone adds scholarships. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 15, 2003

Programs in other states called successful. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. November 15, 2003

Few step up to help struggling schools. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. November 15, 2003

Dobson High students rate literacy as top priority. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 15, 2003

Federal program will give immigrants a leg up, new roots. Dallas Morning News. Nov. 14, 2003

Arizona 4th-, 8th-graders lag U.S. in math, reading. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 14, 2003

Children raised bilingually may be smarter . Red Nova News. November 13, 2003

The Innovator: An exceptional Northwest educator. The Arizona Daily Star. November 13, 2003

Hispanic advocates to discuss federal education law.  Statesman Journal. November 12, 2003

Education gap. The Arizona Daily Star. November 10, 2003

MAURO MUJICA  PRESIDENTE DE US ENGLISH No queremos una nación dentro de la nación’. La Opiníon. November 9, 2003


This complement is unspoken. The Bosotn Globe.  11/9/2003

Haitian nursing assistants seek workplace respect. The Boston Globe. 11/9/2003

Latinos find haven in New Hampshire.  The Boston Globe. 11/9/2003

Colleges debate minority students' woes. The Boston Globe. 11/9/2003

Learning Arabic surges, survey says. Gannett News Service. Nov. 9, 2003

Mexican WWII pilots honored by Pentagon. SCRIPPS HOWARD NEWS SERVICE.  November 9, 2003

Wealthiest colleges get most U.S. aid. THE NEW YORK TIMES. November 9, 2003

Berkeley sets off debate after accepting low SAT scorers . THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. November 9, 2003

Cable technicians gain certification in Spanish.  ARIZONA DAILY STAR. November 9, 2003

Brave kids in a new world. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 8, 2003

Linguists are needed for war on terror. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 7, 2003

Students' English disappoints. The Taipei Times. November 7, 2003

Johns: Aryan Nations chose us, why?. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 7, 2003

Arizona hit by White supremacy activities. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 7, 2003 1

Read It and Weep. The Washington Post . 6 November 2003

Latino Group Funds Language Classes. The Arizona Republic. Nov. 5, 2003

Parents mixed on `back to school' idea. Boston Globe. 11/4/2003

What's the point behind a Spanish language GED test? Ventura County Star. November 3, 2003

Early childhood education should be priority, advocates agree. Arizona Republic. November 2, 2003

Mexican,  Mexican-American population of Maricopa County's "Mexicanos". Arizona Republic. November 2, 2003

For students and parents. Arizona Republic. November 2, 2003

Foothills teacher wins Milken Award.  ARIZONA DAILY  STAR. October 31, 2003

Speaking to Student Heritage. Washington Post. October 30, 2003

Ariz school funding gap assailed. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 30, 2003

$377K grant to help UA train minority librarians.  ARIZONA DAILY STAR. October 30, 2003

LULAC funds program at S. Phoenix school. The Arizona Republic. October 29, 2003

Study associates heavy TV use with small kids' reading delays. THE ASSOCIATED  PRESS. October 29,  2003

NO TEACHER WILL BE LEFT STANDING. Deseret News (Salt Lake City). October 28, 2003

Crash Course in U.S. Culture.  LA Times. October 27, 2003

Prohiben hablar español en escuela de Mesa. Prensa Hispana.  Del 22 al 28 de octubre del 2003

 Chandler police changes vowed: Reaction to consultant's report. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 25, 2003

Cordova's philosophy to build on success. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 24, 2003


Projects make reading a family affair. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. October 24, 2003

Former migrants themselves, women help rescue children from fields. Associated Press. Oct. 23, 2003

Activists point to schools as needing lesson on diversity. Boston Globe. 10/23/2003

Combine standardized tests, schools top official proposes.  Associated Press. Oct. 23, 2003

Researchers cite elements to help Latino students. The Salt Lake Tribune. 10/23/2003

To succeed in college, pick high school courses wisely. Gannett News Service. Oct. 22, 2003

Rural schools earn better grades on achievement tests, study finds. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. October 22, 2003

Horner called 'racist'. Rocky Mount Telegram. October 21, 2003

Quality of classroom teachers varies widely as states report. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. October 21, 2003

15 additional Navajo Code Talkers to get Silver Stars. The Associated Press. OCT. 21, 2003


Top teachers' tips for parents.  The Arizona Republic. Oct. 20, 2003

Culture of Native Americans shared by tribes at Pai festival. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 20, 2003

Kosovo refugee builds life, business in Mesa. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 20, 2003

2-Way Street for Bilingual Education.  LA Times. October 20, 2003.

San Bernardino Schools See the Future: 2-Language Graduates.   LA Times. October 20, 2003. 

In Santa Ana, Literacy May Begin in Spanish.  LA Times. October 20, 2003.

 Latinos are facing dramatic changes. Arizona Republic. Oct. 19, 2003

Immigrants' Children Fuel Growth Among Latinos. Washington Post.  October 14, 2003

Translation not included. Boston Globe. 10/19/2003I

Proud to be Polish . Boston Globe. 10/19/2003

A unified agenda for minorities eyed.  Boston Globe. 10/19/2003

Some Koreans try tongue surgery to improve English. Arizona Daily Star. October 19, 2003

Latinos are facing dramatic changes.  Arizona Republic. Oct. 19, 2003


Civil rights panel looks at Indian health care. Associated Press. Oct. 18, 2003

East Valley tech school may face civil-rights complaint. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 18, 2003

PV may get full-day kindergarten. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 18, 2003

Proof of the power of education. Arizona Daily Star. Oct. 18, 2003

12 excelling schools in Mesa. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 18, 2003

Better health care being sought for Asian-Americans. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 18, 2003

Phoenix reinvents after-class programs. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 18, 2003 12:00

Schools in Paradise Valley improve under new labeling. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 17, 2003

Low Test Scores Blamed on Conflicting U.S. Laws.  Washington Post.  October 16, 2003

No-Spanish rule vexes students. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 16, 2003

Father ordered to curb Spanish use with child. WIRE REPORTS. October 15, 2003

Trail of Clues Preceded Regents Fiasco. New York Times. October 15, 2003

Father must use English with child. Associated Press. Oct. 15, 2003

The Roots of 'Hispanic'.  Washington Post. October 15, 2003

Immersion waivers granted unevenly. Boston Globe. October 14, 2003

Good school libraries boost readers. Orlando Sentinel. October 13, 2003

State 'labels' schools this week. ARIZONA DAILY STAR .  October 13, 2003

Bills urging legal status for migrants. THE NEW YORK TIMES . October 13, 2003

Congress Looks to Grant Legal Status to Immigrants. New York Times. October 13, 2003

Forum focuses on Latino issues.  Associated Press. Oct. 13, 2003

Report missed rapid growth of Hispanics.  The Arizona Republic. Oct. 12, 2003

Enrollment in colleges doubles for minorities. Associated Press.  Oct. 12, 2003

Doubts cloud school rankings. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 12, 2003

For their take on bilingual ed, you need a VCR. Boston Globe. 10/12/2003

Family adjusts to English-only law. Boston Globe. October 12, 2003

Class lets English learners practice. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 11, 2003

A learning experience inside the city's schools. Boston Globe. 10/11/2003

Wheel as family ties.  The Arizona Republic. Oct. 11, 2003

Library class lets adult English learners practice. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 11, 2003

Punishing immigrants. THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR. October 11, 2003

Tighter border yielding more illegal immigrants. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL. October 11, 2003

Medical interpreters clear things up for patients. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 10, 2003

Teens soak up Americanisms The Arizona Republic. Oct. 10, 2003

Schwarzenegger faces battle to repeal license law for undocumented immigrants. Associated Press. Oct. 10, 2003

The language of success. The Independent (UK). 09 October 2003

New York to Lower the Bar for High School Graduation. New York Times. October 9, 2003

Old Wagon Wheels tie family together. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 9, 2003

Mesa police add bilingual public officer. The Arizona Republic. Oct 9, 2003

20% don't speak English at home, census shows. Associated Press. Oct. 9, 2003

Learning requires writing, but students today come up short. THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR. October 9, 2003

U.S. sees surge of non-English speakers. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. October 9, 2003

Preocupa alumnos que no saben inglés. Prensa Hispana. 8 al 14 de octubre del 2003

Dems' debate puts spotlight on Ariz. issues. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 8, 2003

District rebuilds culture. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 8, 2003

A world of languages colors Colorado. The Denver Post .

2 border vigilantes go to jail in capture.  The Arizona Republic.  Oct. 8, 2003 

Academia del Pueblo. Prensa Hispana (AZ).  1 al 7 de octubre del 2003.

Taking on dropouts. Arizona Daily Star. 6 October 2003

Death rate in accidents is high for Hispanic children.  Associated Press. Oct. 6, 2003  

Archdiocese of Santa Fe observes 150th anniversary.   Associated Press. Oct. 6, 2003

Charter schools learn survival skill. The Denver Post.

Roosevelt superintendent a no-show. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 4, 2003

Feds hand down school labels. The Arizona Republic. Oct. 4, 2003

No Child Left Behind inflicts curse on public schools. The Oregonian.  10/05/03

Education standards flunk `the why' test.  Orlando Sentinel. October 2, 2003

Duck, purists: Spanglish is validated. Arizona Republic. Oct. 2, 2003

Apoyan enseñanza del español.  La Voz. 1 de octobre de 2003

Responde superintendente de Distrito Paradise Valley.  La Voz. 1 de octobre, 2003

Margins of error. Teaching Tolerance Magazine. Number 24 --- Fall 2003 pg.33

Federal funds in jeopardy for 2 local schools. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. September 30, 2003

Bilingual books get educators' approval. Associated Press. September 29, 2003

More than 100 Arizona schools fail federal standard.  The Arizona Republic. Sept. 29, 2003

220 schools in Arizona on feds' underachieve list.  The Arizona Republic. Sept. 29, 2003

Kindergarten requirements concern parents. SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS. Sep. 29, 2003

Fracasan estudiantes hispanos. Prensa Hispana. 30 de septiembre del 2003.  (331)

Investigan a Distrito Paradise Valley.  Prensa Hispana. 30 de septiembre del 2003.

The push to be proficient.  The Oregonian. 09/28/03

New law worries even top schools. The Denver Post.

Homework hotlines are sizzling in Mesa. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 26, 2003

New life, new language: Phoenix high schools foster English. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 26, 2003

Colleges board picks chancellor. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 26, 2003

4 placement tests approved for use. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 26, 2003

Exemplars personify profession of teaching. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 24, 2003

Reading scores reflect love of.

Learn to 'habla' in a hurry at Speedy Spanish class. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 24, 2003

Series on PBS goes in depth on notions about race. NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. September 24, 2003

Web sites offer spotty Spanish help. USA TODAY. Sept. 23, 2003

From shy kid to honors class. Arizona Republic. Sept. 22, 2003

Adios to culture of segregation. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 22, 2003

Few council aides speak Spanish. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 22, 2003

N. Dakota school is trying to save Hidatsa language. The (Fargo, N.D.) Forum. Sept. 21, 2003

No Illusion Left Behind. Washington Post. September 21, 2003

Arizona students showing gains in reading and math.  The Arizona Republic. Sept. 18, 2003

1st bilingual Yellow Pages going to Tucson customers. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. September 18, 2003

Hispanic population in Arizona grows fast. CAPITOL MEDIA SERVICES. September 18, 2003

Seeking a fix for education.    The Arizona Republic. Sept. 17, 2003

Which kindergarten is right?  The Arizona Republic. Sept. 17, 2003

2 English Tests Speak. New York Times. September 17, 2003

Lodi Parents Sue District for Denying Bilingual Education. Associated Press. September 17, 2003

Immigrants in Arizona less likely to become citizens, study shows. The Associated Press. September 17, 2003

Arizona relaxes school rankings. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 17, 2003  

Labeling of schools to change. The Arizona Daily Star. September 17, 2003

Latino Leaders Want Pr. George's Charter.  The Washington Post.  September 17, 2003

Valley Hispanics reflect on two cultures. The Arizona Republic. Sept. 15, 2003

DJ's chatter is all in Apache. The Arizona Republic.  Sept 15, 2003

Allegations of district bias probed. The Arizona Republic.  Sept 13, 2003

Hopeful offers school reforms. The Republican. 09/12/2003

Journalist lends an ear to endangered languages. USA Today 09/11/2003

French classes propagate heritage. The Republican. 09/11/2003


Spanish speakers getting lost in the translation. The Arizona Republic. September 10, 2003


Schools launch sink-or-swim ESL program. Medford Transcript. September 10, 2003


Hispanic Voters Getting Attention From Politicians. The Tribune. September 9, 2003


He's a translator at 13!  The Republican. 09/08/2003


School investigation continues in Chicopee. The Republican. 9/08/2003


SAT, ACT math scores don't add up. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. September 8, 2003


Montero joins race for school board seat. Denver Post. September 5, 2003


1 in 3 foreign-born residents in 2000 from Mexico. Gannett News Service. September 5, 2003


 Arizona teachers writing a new AIMS test. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. Sept 5, 2003


Promises of AIMS changes cheered. Tucson Citizen. Sept. 4, 2003


Scores show broad gains on MCAS. The Boston Globe. September 4, 2003

Students 'immersed' in English. The Republican. 09/03/2003

8th-graders fail AIMS math. Tucson Citizen. September 3, 2003

Mass. Teachers Learn Hard Lesson: Flunk the English Test, Get Fired. Education Week. September 3, 2003

English immersion is best for Arizona students. Tucson Citizen. September 3, 2003

State talks tweak for AIMS test. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. Sept 3, 2003

English options satisfy DPS. Denver Post. September 2, 2003

Hospitals Look to Overcome Language Gaps. Associated Press. September 1,  2003

Immigration fears not based in truth. Arizona Republic. Sept. 2, 2003

Bilingual classes ending in Tucson. Associated Press. Sept. 1, 2003

Schools put to the test. Statesman Journal. August 31, 2003

Schools failing grade blamed on misspending. The Associated Press. August 31, 2003

Immigrants children press education rights at Harvard. Boston Globe. 8/31/2003

School-labeling laws confuse parents. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 30, 2003

Holyoke teachers told to ignore any state labels. The Republican. 08/30/2003

Bilingual staff translates for special ed students. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 30, 2003

Schwarzenegger Language-Advocacy Link Is Criticized. LA Times. August 30, 2003

Bilingual waivers to be voided. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. August 30, 2003

Off the beat: With Latinos' growing clout comes responsibility. Tucson Citizen. AUGUST 29, 2003

Schwarzenegger, Bustamante fend off criticism. Associated Press. Aug. 29, 2003

AIMS Test: Good news, bad news. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. August 28, 2003

School districts learn new standards are no joke. The Gazette. Aug. 27, 2003

School begins, immersed in English.  Boston Globe, August 27, 2003

Demandan atención a educación de latinos. Prensa Hispana. 27 de agosto al 02 de septiembre del 2003

SAT math scores are highest in 36 years. STAFF AND WIRE REPORTS. August 27, 2003

Motivation, focus send foreign-born students soaring. USA Today. 8/25/03

POOR, OTHERS FALL SHORT ON NEW MD. TEST. Washington Post. August 23, 2003

 Language debate alive in Calif. Denver Post. August 22, 2003

Efectos persistentes de la Proposición 227.  La Opinión. August 22, 2003

New Hispanic immigrant men drove down other workers’ wages, study says. The Associated Press-- August 19, 2003

FCC expected to OK merger of Latino TV, radio stations. Gannett News Service. Aug. 18, 2003

U.S. EDUCATION LAW HAS TOO MANY FAULTS. Kansas City Star Editorial. August 17, 2003

The earlier schools get newcomers, the better. San Antonio Express-News. 08/17/2003

SCHOOL MIRACLES VS REALITY. Los Angeles Times Editorial. August 16, 2003

Palomino principals prepare. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 16, 2003

S. Africans seek lingual diversity, but English rules. Chicago Tribune. Aug. 16, 2003

What happens when teachers fail the test. The Christian Science Monitor. August 15, 2003 edition

ASU unveils ambitious plan to train more teachers. The Associated Press. Aug 15, 2003

Legislature asked to give $1 million to fight lawsuit. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 14, 2003

Sen. Hatch aims to help migrant kids. The Arizona Republic Republic Nogales Bureau. Aug. 14, 2003

High school exit exams survive controversies. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. August 14, 2003

DREAM Act could legalize migrants. Tucson Citizen. August 14,  2003

Eliminate tests' double standards. USA Today. August 14, 2003

Washington Post column on Arnold Schwarzenegger & U.S. English.  The Washington Post.  August 13, 2003

Man ordered deported to land he's never seen. Arizona Republic Nogales Bureau. AUGUST 12, 2003

Public school grows by choice. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 11, 2003

A push for Latino learning. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 10, 2003

U.S. education law to cost state $108 million. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 10, 2003

Stanford 9 test scores on slow rise in Arizona. The Arizona Republic. August 9, 2002

Teachers' aides must meet new guidelines. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 9, 2003

Poll explodes myths about Latinos.  ARIZONA DAILY STAR. August 9, 2003

Nursing assistant program seeks Spanish speakers. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 8, 2003

HISD granted 6 months to improve record keeping. Houston Chronicle. Aug. 8, 2003

Teachers learn what businesses want. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 6, 2003

Spanish just what the hospital ordered. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 6, 2003

A healthy dose of Spanish. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 6, 2003

A testing time. Boston Globe. 8/6/2003

 5 Colorado families atop political donor list. Denver Post. August 05, 2003

The teaching challenge. Arizona Daily Star. August 5, 2003

Leaders back school chief who failed test. Boston Globe. 8/5/2003

School chief failed literacy test. Associated Press. 8/4/2003

PIMENTEL: Placing blame is a fun game as long as you don't play fair. The Arizona Republic. August 4, 2003

Our opinion: Parents must have a voice in bilingual ed. Tucson Citizen. AUGUST 4, 2003

Classes merging as clock ticks on English testing. The Dallas Morning News. 08/03/2003

Teachers in wrong schools. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. August 3, 2003

First-graders to get a free bilingual book. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 2, 2003

School tries long year. The Arizona Republic. Aug. 1, 2003

Difieren de lo que es “buen inglés”. Prensa Hispana. 30 de Julio al 5 de Agosto del 2003

SMITH: Honor Mexican heritage, but assimilate to excel. Tucson Citizen. July 30, 2003

MAKING CHANGE: CIVICS AS A SECOND LANGUAGE. City Limits Monthly. July/August Issue

Bilingual-ed rules still unclear. The Arizona Republic. July 27, 2003

Charters bypass English-only law.  The Arizona Republic. Jul. 26, 2003

Proposal welcomes migrant workers. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. July 26, 2003

UA goal to attract Latinos is elusive. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. July 26, 2003

Calif. test challenges schools even more. KNIGHT RIDDER NEWSPAPERS. July25, 2003

Horne's stricter limits on bilingual classes ruled lawful. Arizona Republic. Jul. 23, 2003

Napolitano voices opposition to anti-illegal immigration initiative. The Associated Press, July 22, 2003

Chinese school classes teach language, culture. Arizona Daily Star. July 22, 2003

Houston's School Dropout Debacle. New York  Times. July 21, 2003

5 schools may seek reading skills grant. Ventura County Star. July 21, 2003

FCAT helping 'rich' schools get richer. Herald Tribune. July 21, 2003

Reinstating of '2-way' bilingual ed is hailed. Boston Globe. July 20, 2003

Mira! 'Amigos lives'. Cambridge Chronicle.   July 16, 2003

State's diverse student population isn’t reflected in ranks of teachers. The Associated Press. July 16, 2003

Students fail FCAT, but state fails them. St. Petersburg Times. July 16, 2003

Romney hits softening of bilingual law.  Boston Globe. 7/16/2003

Legislature loosens law on English immersion. Boston Globe. July 15, 2003

Lawmakers preserve 'two-way' language programs. Associated Press/  7/14/2003

City class of 2003 kept getting smaller. WORCESTER, MA  Telegram & Gazette (Daily). July 14, 2003

Gene research shows racial distinctions are overblown. Arizona Daily Star. July 13, 2003

Dual-Immersion Is a Success in Santa Ana, Educators Say.  LA Times . July 13, 2003

Caution on school reform. Arizona Daily Star. July 11, 2003

SCHOOLS MAY BE PUT ON PROBATION. Palm Beach Post. July 12, 2003

Questions on Data Cloud Luster of Houston Schools. New York Times. July 11, 2003

Arizona's youth lag in national writing test. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. July 11, 2003

Tucson to host Latino ed town hall. The Arizona Republic. Jul. 10, 2003

Democrats Design Agenda in Bid to Hold Hispanic Support. New York Times. July 10, 2003

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San Xavier Mission School honored as national model. ARIZONA DAILY STAR. July 5, 2003

Bilingual ed needs more from Mike. New York Daily News. July 3, 2003

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Police investigate threats against local Latino leader. Ventura County Star. July 2, 2003

Issues, not language, win votes. The Arizona Republic. Jun. 29, 2003

A diverse minority. Arizona Daily Star. June 29, 2003

40% of freshmen quit, figures show.  Oakland Tribune. June 28, 2003


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We shouldn't accept inequality at schools.  Oakland Tribune, June 24,2003

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Affirmative Action Upheld by Split Court. Associated Press. June 23, 2003

BUSH TO SIGN FCAT ALTERNATIVES LAW.  Associated Press.  June 20, 2003

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Reading scores up for younger students, down among seniors. Associated Press.  Jun. 19, 2003

Latinos Now Top Minority. Los Angeles Times. June 19, 2003

Crean nuevo concilio de LULAC. Prensa Hispana. 18 al 24 de Junio del 2003.

Incierto el destino de la educación bilingüe.  Hoy. miércoles 18 de junio de 2003

Teachers key to top schools. The Oakland Tribune, June 17, 2003

State's spending fails to keep pace. The Oakland Tribune, June 16, 2003

Rio School District fires superintendent. Ventura County Star. June 14, 2003

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MCAS exemptions granted for vocational, special needs and bilingual students.  May 23, 2003

Hispanics study tests assumptions.  THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. May 23, 2003

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Latino advocacy group considers censuring county Supervisor Flynn. Ventura County Star. May 22, 2003

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Bilingual education gets unfair rap.  Hayward Daily Review, May 20, 2003

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Minorities, poor are still receiving inferior education. Gannett News Service. May. 14, 2003

English immersion study shows a clear superiority.  The Arizona Republic. May 10, 2003

Fearing for bilingual ed.  New York Daily News. May 9th, 2003

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Fix the Fluency System.  LA Times . April 5, 2003

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Immersed In Dispute.  ARIZONA DAILY STAR. Sunday, 9 March 2003

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MINORITIES AND SPECIAL NEEDS. The Boston Globe. 3/4/2003

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Dual language in Palomino strategy. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 26, 2003

Romney pledge focus of debate. The Boston Globe. 2/25/2003

Deficit threatens adult ed. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 24, 2003

Mayoría de latinos son bilingües. La Opinión. February 21, 2003

Defining Success in Narrow Terms.  New York Times. February 19, 2003

Building bridges in Israel. International Herald Tribune. February 18, 2003

Federal law for English-learners faces skepticism.  The Washington Post. February 18, 2003

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Bilingual waivers restricted.  ARIZONA DAILY STAR.  Feb. 14, 2003

Horne toughens bilingual ed rules. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 14, 2003

Principal at failing school resigns to go to another district. The Arizona Republic. Feb. 13, 2003

For Hispanics, Barriers Can Complicate College. The New York Times. February 10, 2003

Japanese program celebrates 30 years. San Francisco Chronicle. February 9, 2003

Bilingual classes may get review.  The Orange County Register. February 9, 2003

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English is again instruction mode. Manilatimes.net. January 30, 2003

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Language of choice. The Boston Globe. 1/27/2003

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Arizona School Superintendent Tom Horne on Horizon on Jan. 22, 2003

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Better ways to English. The Denver Post. January 03, 2003




 Arizona Debate continues...

Lack of appropriate funding for ELL court ruling...

Dec. 16, 2005

  On Friday, a federal judge ordered law makers to come up with a financial plan by January 24, 2006 to address the ignored  6 year old court ruling to improve English language programs.  Tim Hogan in the Arizona Republic was quoted :"’This is a pretty big hammer," said Tim Hogan of the Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest. "We're really pleased with the decision and are confident this is going to get the state's attention and get them to solve the problem’"  Although Judge Collins did not impose Hogan’s request to freeze $500 million in federal highway funds,  incremental daily fines will be imposed if state legislators have not complied by the end of January date.

In the same case, Collins ruled English language learners  do not have to pass the high-stakes AIMS test to graduate from high school until lawmakers adequately fund their education. That would likely exempt them from the test until at least spring 2007 and possibly beyond!

Please thank Tim Hogan (thogan@aclpi.org) for his tireless advocacy for English language learners and continue to support politicians such as Governor Napolitano who side with justice for children!

Call the Governor’s office at (602-542-4331) to thank her for this courageous advocacy on behalf of English Language Learners in our schools.

Our action makes a difference!


 AABE is a NABE Affiliate Member


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