PV district removes Greenway Middle School principal
The Arizona Republic
Apr. 15, 2003 12:00 AM
Kristen Go

NORTHEAST VALLEY - The only Hispanic middle school principal in the Paradise Valley Unified School District has been told he will no longer hold his position and must work at the district office for the rest of the year.

This comes at a time when the district has come under fire from the Arizona Hispanic Forum and the League of United Latin American Citizens for having few Hispanic principals and teachers.

Letters are being sent this week to parents of Greenway Middle School students to notify them of the change. The letters give no explanation.

Jaime Rivera, who was named principal of the school in 2001, is now working in the support and services department, said Judy DeWalt, spokeswoman for the district.

John Kriekard, assistant superintendent, said the move was made "to create a stable environment during a time when there has been turmoil on campus."

Rivera couldn't be reached for comment.

At a board meeting last week, a half-dozen supporters pleaded with members of the school district's governing board to let Rivera keep his position.
But others were just as adamant that he leave.

Rivera's departure comes after two civil rights complaints were filed against the district this month.

A Hispanic employee at Greenway Middle School filed a complaint alleging he was being retaliated against for being an outspoken critic. The other
complaint, filed by the League of United Latin American Citizens, contained 20 allegations, ranging from segregation of Hispanics to mismanagement of state and federal funds.

The district, however, maintains the allegations in the complaints are untrue.

Jesse Acosta, principal at Aire Libre Elementary School, will serve as Greenway's interim principal. Aire Libre students live within Greenway
boundaries and Acosta is already familiar with many of the students and families, Kriekard said.