PV schools hit with complaint
The Arizona Republic
Apr. 4, 2003 12:00 AM 
Kristen Go

Counselor alleges district retaliating for prior criticisms

NORTHEAST PHOENIX - The Paradise Valley Unified School District is facing yet another complaint filed with the U.S. Office of Civil Rights.

Jose Luis Rodriguez, a counselor at Greenway Middle School in the Paradise Valley district, filed a complaint Tuesday alleging he's being retaliated
against for being a vocal critic of how his employer deals with Hispanic students. Judy DeWalt, district spokeswoman, said she was not aware
Rodriguez had filed a complaint.

Rodriguez, who's worked in the district since 1996, has already filed complaints against Paradise Valley with the U.S. Department of Education's
Office of Civil Rights, the Arizona Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission.

His complaints have led to the district being monitored by the state and federal governments to ensure that Hispanic students are being placed in
proper classes and given appropriate services.

Rodriguez's latest complaint comes after the district decided that he may no longer run a summer school program he created and has run for the past seven years. He also alleges funds for the program, which helps students who are not fluent in English, have been cut, activities haven't been funded and his salary has been reduced despite the district having proper funds.

"I'm not going to take the abuses," he said. "If I accept this retaliation and discrimination that's contrary to what I've been advocating."