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Mexican  Mexican American population of Maricopa
Arizona Republic
November 2, 2003

 County's 'Mexicanos'

Here's a look at the Mexican and Mexican-American population of Maricopa County.

Latino population: 763,000. Equals 25 percent of the county population and ranks Maricopa as the county with the sixth-highest population of Hispanics in the nation.

Of Mexican ancestry: 624,000, or 82 percent of Hispanics.

Born in Mexico: 285,000, or 37 percent of Hispanics.

Naturalized citizens: 43,000, or 15 percent of Mexican-born.

Non-citizens: 242,000, or 85 percent of Mexican-born.

Average family size: 4.1. Counts all families of Hispanic ancestry. Average for those of Mexican ancestry, 4.2. Average for all Maricopa County families, 3.2.

Households speaking Spanish: 196,000, or 17 percent of county households.

Source: Census Bureau