Welcome to America -- NOT!
Arizona Republic
June 9, 2007

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As one not well-versed or prepared for home appliance installations, I called a handyman to install a water heater recently.

Let me introduce you to Cris.

The young man was a hard worker, quick and meticulous, very friendly and sociable. His English language skills were admirable for having been in this country for less than a year. Frankly, he speaks better English than many in this area.

This young man has applied for a green card and has a legal visa, along with a proven work history. Out of his own pocket, Cris paid for an English-language course at a local community college to better himself.

I wonder what Cris thought of the immigration rallies in Phoenix and Los Angeles, where many protesters displayed signs and spoke only in Spanish to protest our laws, only to sicken many of us who have no pity for the ways of the illegal and lazy ones, the ones wanting only a free ride at our expense.

Cris may have a difficult time gaining entry to our country.

Cris is from Poland, not Mexico, so the immigration laws are stacked against him from the start.

This is after he has saved for a lifetime to get here and worked hard to fit in with his adopted country.

Welcome to America, Cris.

-- Richard Cox, Ft. Mohave