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January 1, 2007

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It was a year of political protests and political stunts. Most having to do with illegal immigration. Maybe the numbers will put it all into perspective. With apologies to Harper's Index, here's a numerical look back at 2006.

Estimated number of marchers for immigrants' rights outside the state Capitol during Gov. Janet Napolitano's State of the State address in
January: 4,000.

Estimated number of marchers for immigrants' rights who walked from St.
Agnes church to Sen. Jon Kyl's office in March: 20,000.

Estimated number of marchers for immigrants' rights who walked from the state fairgrounds through downtown Phoenix toward the state Capitol in
April: 100,000.

Reported number of arrests or violent incidents during the three immigration marches this year: 0.

Number of new Latino voters organizers said in April they expected to register during the coming months: 22,000.

Number of actual new Latino voters registered, according to those organizing the drive: 4,972.

Number of current and retired county sheriffs appearing in an ad for Kyl that claimed his opponent, Jim Pederson, supported amnesty for undocumented
immigrants: 6.

Number of times the phrase "supported amnesty" was spoken during the 30-second spot: 3.

Rank of this ad among the best moves of the campaign, according to Kyl: 1.

Number of suspected undocumented immigrants arrested by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office during 2006 under a policy that charges immigrants with conspiring in their own smuggling: 373.

Salary received, per case, by each private attorney contracted by the county to defend these accused immigrants: $1,000.

Number of illegal immigrants convicted by a jury and sentenced for conspiring in their own smuggling: 1.

Days of jail time suspected conspirators are required to serve under a plea offer made by the Maricopa County Attorney's Office: 0.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, the number of undocumented immigrants released into the community from jail after having their smuggling cases resolved: 108.

Percentage of violent crimes, according to state Rep. Russell Pearce, that involve undocumented immigrants: 80.

Estimated percentage of jailed inmates in Maricopa County jails who are
non-citizens: 19.

Number of votes received by Napolitano in the 2002 gubernatorial election:

Number of votes received by Napolitano in the 2006 gubernatorial election:

Number of votes by which Democratic candidate Charlene Pesquiera bested her Republican opponent for the state Senate seat from southern Arizona's District 26: 455.

Number of elections Pesquiera said she has voted in, including the 2006 general and primary elections in which she was a candidate: 2.

Number of states that have changed their state constitutions to ban same-sex
marriage: 27.

Margin of defeat, in votes, of the proposed same-sex marriage amendment in
Arizona: 54,009.

Percentage of that margin that came from Maricopa County: 51.

Number of Arizona's 15 counties that voted for the same-sex marriage ban to be added to the Arizona Constitution: 10.

Price of a pair of official Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio pink underwear sold at the Scottsdale restaurant Pink Taco: $10.

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