Population of Hispanics surges in state
Capitol Media Service
May 17, 2007

Tucson, Arizona | Published: http://www.azstarnet.com/allheadlines/183479

New figures from the U.S. Census Bureau show Arizona continues to become less of an Anglo state.

Nearly 29 percent of Arizonans are of Hispanic or Latino origin, compared with 25.3 percent at the beginning of the decade.

In fact, the figures show the number of Hispanics in Arizona went up nearly 6 percent just in one year, versus 2.6 percent for all other groups. Nationwide, Hispanic population was up 3.4 percent since last year.

And since the 2000 census, Hispanic population in the state has risen 39.2 percent, nearly three times as fast as the 13.7 percent increase for others.

The number of blacks in the state is also increasing faster than the population as a whole, from 3.3 percent at the 2000 census to 3.8 percent now.