Arizona Republic
June 27, 2007

 (Phoenix, AZ)

Author: Karen Johnson
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The education world has fads, just as there are fads in art, music, social science and even hard sciences. "New math," for example, was a huge, disastrous education fad that began in the 1960s. "Whole language" was likewise a disastrous fad that sounded good at the time but failed to teach children how to read.

The latest fad is "international education." International education supposedly teaches children the skills needed to succeed in a global society with a global economy and includes foreign languages, world history and international business.

I happen to support the teaching of foreign languages, world history and international business. Nothing is stopping any school in this state from teaching these things already. My only request has been that "international education" be taught from a U.S. perspective and not from an "international governance" perspective.

Bear in mind that these educators want several million dollars in order to set up "programs" of "international education" for a handful of schools.

The "international education program" that is being promoted today comes from UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), and includes integrated math, postmodernism, sustainable development, pantheism, new Marxism and world government.

International education downplays American history and teaches that Third World systems of government are morally and historically equal to the U.S.

State Sen. Karen Johnson, R-Mesa, represents District 18.

Global education debate

State Rep. Mark Anderson and Sen. Karen Johnson, both Mesa Republicans, were
on opposite sides of a debate last week over Anderson's bill to fund special
public schools that focuses on international studies. Ultimately the
Legislature endorsed the concept without providing funds. We invited
Anderson and Johnson to submit their sides of the debate, excerpts of which
appear here. Their unabridged positions appear at under My Turn.

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