High court is marching us backward
Arizona Republic
July 1, 2007

(Phoenix, AZ)
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June 28, 2007, sadly will be remembered by many as another day that shall live in infamy.

That is the day when our Supreme Court overturned Brown vs. Board of Education, unraveling 53 years of social progress.

Last month, I coincidentally was in Little Rock, Ark., interviewing people for a documentary. One of my subjects was Minnijean Brown Tricky, one of the Little Rock Nine.

The interview was conducted at the historic Little Rock Central High School where in 1957 Tricky and eight other African-American high school students were escorted to their classes by the U.S. Army 101st Airborne division.

In the interview, Tricky said segregation, in her opinion, is still one of the top two major issues facing American society. Although last month I thought her comments were somewhat overreaching, prophetically, I fear that Tricky was right on target, especially in light of five justices saying the rules of Brown no longer apply.

As the John Roberts' Court marches our country backwards, I urge anyone as alarmed as I by this appalling decision to register to vote. The president selects our federal justices

In 2008 the voters have a chance to retake America and stop the regressive court with new court appointees.

Please help save America -- vote.

-- Slade Mead, Ahwatukee
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