Arizona Republic
May 12, 2007

Author: ELVIA DÍAZ, The Arizona Republic Estimated printed pages: 2

You probably found out about Britney Spears shaving her head or Paris Hilton facing jail time within minutes or at least the same day the stories were made public.

But it's much harder to read about the Paradise Valley Mall's proposed landscaping, a new Desert Ridge senior living project or who was prom king of your local high school. For that you have The Phoenix Republic.

By now, you have noticed our commitment to publishing stories that matter to you. I'm the Phoenix assistant editor, an assignment I embrace as an opportunity in my journalistic career and a chance to examine issues that directly affect your neighborhoods, your kids' schools and your daily lives.

You're already sending us news ideas, which is a testament that you're noticing our coverage and that you desire more local stories. We want to keep hearing from you.

Though this is a new editing assignment, I'm not that new to Phoenix and to the issues facing this sprawling Valley.

I joined The Republic in 1999, covering Tempe City Hall. Later, I covered Phoenix City Hall, where I wrote on everything from the city's transit strike to neighborhood concerns about the city's plans to buy more than 1,000 homes west of Sky Harbor International Airport. My last reporting assignment was at the state Legislature.

Before joining The Phoenix Republic, I edited Extra!, which covered south, west and central Phoenix.

I was born and reared in a farming town of roughly 3,000 people in the state of Michoacan, Mexico.

My path to American citizenship and journalism began in 1980 when I settled in Northern California where my father, a farm worker, lived.

My first journalism experience was in radio, mainly Noticiero Latino, a national Spanish-language radio news service. After earning a master's degree in journalism from the University of California at Berkeley, I worked for the Statesman Journal in Salem, Ore., and the Albuquerque Journal.

I'm relying on my personal and professional experience to help bring you newsy Phoenix Republics every week.

Contact me at (602) 444-8948 or at
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