West Valley given plan to develop arts
Arizona Republic
Dec. 31, 2007

David Madrid

If the West Valley is to grow wisely, compete globally and attract a highly skilled workforce, it must concentrate on developing arts and culture as part of the region's attraction.

That is the conclusion of a study that resulted in a five-year blueprint to guide the West Valley in realizing that goal.

A 2004 study commissioned by the Maricopa Partnership for Arts and Culture warned that "attention and planning for arts and cultural development had fallen below the radar screen."

In 2005, the West Valley Arts Council hired a national consulting firm to help form cultural-development goals. The blueprint has eight priorities:

 Recognize, stabilize and strengthen cultural and heritage offerings of cities and organizations.

 Build an artist community and ensure that the number of creative individuals remains commensurate with the West Valley's growth.

 Improve the image and visibility of cultural and heritage offerings through marketing and promotion.

 Leverage resources to support culture and heritage by building partnerships and agendas critical to vitality and growth.

 Increase cultural participation by making opportunities accessible, affordable and relevant.

 Strengthen community cultural and heritage education, especially arts education in West Valley schools.

 Support efforts to enhance community design and designate space for cultural and heritage activity.